Traducción de parietal cell en Español:

parietal cell

célula parietal, n.



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    célula parietal femenino
    • Urea, sodium and bicarbonate are abundant in the mucin layer, owing to diffusion from the blood stream, and secretion from mucus and parietal cells.
    • At the cellular level, acid secretion is controlled by acetylcholine released from mucosal nerve endings, by the gastric hormone gastrin, and by the local regulator histamine released from cells adjacent to parietal cells.
    • The parietal cell of the stomach, which elaborates hydrochloric acid, is an example of such an eosinophilic cell.
    • Histologically, the lesion consisted of sharply demarcated well-differentiated gastric antrofundic mucosa with chief cells, parietal cells, and mucus glands.
    • Gastrin causes the parietal cells to produce stomach acid and initiates enzyme secretion in the pancreas.