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parish pump



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    the parish pump las noticias locales
    • before noun parish-pump politics la política local
    • a parish-pump mentality una mentalidad pueblerina / provinciana
    • Instead of advocating proven free-market solutions to WA's problems, he's confirmed his image as a parish-pump opponent of competitive reform.
    • ‘Hmm, not sure about that,’ said the parish-pump politicians of the general committee, led by the controversial Glanmor Griffiths.
    • In Germany parish-pump politicians depicted socialists, Junkers (the aristocracy), and Jews as enemies of the peasantry.
    • They are parish-pump politicians with a very poor track record of doing deals or delivering the goods.
    • However, Mr Kelleher yesterday accused Mr Noonan of doublespeak and parish-pump politics by urging the State to cover Limerick City Council's potential €50m liability.
    • The American Revolution, being both a religiously-derived movement and a parish-pump revolt against ‘taxation without representation’ had different effects.
    • The obvious differences are that the local commercial news is more concerned with local, parochial, parish-pump, ambulance chasing, fire-engine chasing-type stories, than we are.
    • Perhaps on the backbenches, Mr Walsh might reflect his failure to rise above the station of a parish-pump politician while passing up numerous opportunities to be a statesman.
    • That is a classic example of the return to parish-pump politics, which we got rid of years ago.
    • These have ranged from tax reform to parish-pump matters like public transport issues in his seat of Wentworth.
    • These (no doubt costly) reports amount to over 100 pages of big words indicating a national problem, followed by a plethora of piecemeal solutions, smacking of parish-pump politics.
    • The rude phrase for it is parish-pump politics, but a kinder way of looking at it is that it's a way of doing business that preserves the element of human relations in bureaucratic transactions.