Traducción de parking meter en Español:

parking meter

parquímetro, n.


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    parquímetro masculino
    • Like the mysterious manner in which washing machines devour odd socks and the heart-rending, plummeting feeling you get while standing by a parking meter with pockets bereft of change just as a traffic warden hovers into view.
    • Three youths - Rumanians - were attempting quite openly to break into a parking meter with large screwdrivers to steal the coins.
    • I've had to pay more than that for overstaying my time at a parking meter, and was landed with a hefty £80 fine for accidentally driving in a bus lane.
    • I had gone out to put a couple quarters in the parking meter.
    • If you leave me in my stroller while you pay the parking meter, who knows where I'll be when you get back.
    • He parked near a parking meter, and didn't put anything in the meter, as he was not intending to return to Lee.
    • If someone's wife goes into labour and they are there for a long time, they are not going to want to keep coming out to feed the parking meter.
    • She parks just off Lambton Quay, but, realising she has no coins to put in the parking meter, she dashes off to the nearest shop to get some money.
    • Residents be warned: just because the parking meter is broken and you have put a note on your car informing inspectors of the situation you probably will still be fined.
    • Parking my car, I noticed a machine in the middle of the lot, a bloody parking meter!
    • Have you ever gotten a parking ticket for parking in a loading zone, or for not paying for those last ten minutes on the parking meter?
    • We've created a relaxed environment with the gallery and sculpture garden, where we hope people can make their minds up without worrying that their parking meter is about to run out.
    • It's like giving a driver a parking ticket for filling up the parking meter in an exuberant manner!
    • Within two months their national currencies will be phased out leaving only the new currency for all transactions, be it investments, change for the parking meter or buying a loaf of bread.
    • But on this occasion he was, alas, second to the parking meter.
    • If people vandalise a parking meter and somebody sees them the council would take the same action as it would against someone vandalising any council property.
    • After years spent driving around London, screaming orgasmically when we spotted a vacant parking meter, it was a novelty to be able to stop where the heck you like.
    • The new Foreign Secretary fed a few coins into a parking meter and slipped back into his flat, unaware that his cherished privacy was being gatecrashed by a photographer.
    • Put money in a parking meter by a stranger's car, when you see that the time is running out.
    • You are required to phone a number, enter the ID of the parking meter, and then your payment account's PIN code.