Traducción de parking ticket en Español:

parking ticket

multa (por estacionamiento indebido), n.


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    multa (por estacionamiento indebido) femenino
    • To my disgruntlement, we returned to the car with a large parking ticket attached to the windshield wipers.
    • A motoring organisation has warned drivers to take care to avoid getting a parking ticket this Bank Holiday Monday.
    • When I came out there was a motorcycle cop writing a parking ticket.
    • This may be one way of ensuring that the traffic warden cannot put a parking ticket under them, but it also means that the extra large pillars can restrict the view.
    • I was only in this place for about 10 minutes, and when I came out there was a Parking Warden writing a parking ticket.
    • And I didn't even notice the parking ticket on my windshield until I got home.
    • The change will mean north Wiltshire drivers who incur a parking ticket will no longer be committing a criminal offence.
    • The defendant's friend's boyfriend had offered to move her car from a car park so she would not get a parking ticket but kept stalling it.
    • Offenders will be taken to the police station where they will be issued with a fixed penalty notice similar to a parking ticket.
    • He's been given a parking ticket for being badly, rather than illegally, parked.
    • I guess one will just have to park and be issued with a parking ticket.
    • The traffic warden was so horrified she couldn't work out what to write on a parking ticket for the offending vehicle.
    • For instance, he can write a parking ticket - but only within the marina's boundaries.
    • You might think you will get away with it if you tear the parking ticket off your windscreen and throw it in the bin…
    • If you drive a huge, hulking 4x4 and you've been slapped with a parking ticket, look again because you might not have a fine to pay after all.
    • When he came back two days later he was surprised to see yellow lines and a parking ticket on his windscreen.
    • Traffic wardens slapped a parking ticket on a coach collecting pensioners after a concert at the Bridgewater Hall.
    • When I got back, there was a traffic warden by the car and a parking ticket on the windscreen.
    • She sent me a letter of explanation, which I attached to my parking ticket.
    • A traffic warden slapped a parking ticket on a mourners' car - just as it was about to leave for a funeral.