Traducción de parley en Español:


negociar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑrli//ˈpɑːli/

verbo intransitivo

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    to parley with sb parlamentar con algn
    • It continues a tradition of apt venues for the awards which for years were held in the Merchant Adventurers Hall in York - that wondrous 14th century Foss-side building where business people have gathered and parleyed for centuries.
    • Raven had little desire to parley with their enemies, but she had been given an order.
    • Two Brazilian regiments were ordered to the Campo, field guns trained on the barracks, and a deputation of senators sent to parley with the rebels.
    • My next idea was to parley with one of our boys in blue, but damn, I hate talking to cops.
    • For two and a half months, the military command had parleyed and negotiated with the racialist thug and his group, which included both active and retired senior military and intelligence officers.
    • We will never parley; we will never negotiate with Hitler or any of his gang.
    • My dear lords and ladies, disperse, and a week hence we'll parley anew.
    • It was rather amusing for me, watching these two gentlemen parley.
    • Imagine him rushing to Berlin after the downturn in Axis fortunes to parley with the man in charge because he was the democratically elected leader and symbol of the renascent German nation.
    • If one side tried to parley with the other, it would surely be crushed.
    • In most situations you will be attacked by them before there is even an opportunity to parley.
    • The troops halted as Macdonald, Younghusband and Captain O'Connor, political assistant and interpreter, went forward to parley with the Tibetans.
    • Prabowo parleyed with the leaders of the demonstrations and received their log of claims (for jobs, education for their children and the like).
    • Fitzpatrick camped a comfortable three miles away and rode over to parley with the chief.
    • This was well, for the enemy was drawing near again, though it appeared they meant to parley.
    • He refused to comment on rumors that the two companies are already parleying.
    • They parleyed and left us with an imperfect independence.
    • The past is another country, and as foreigners who visit it, the quality we novelists and historians most need is tact when we parley and fossick.
    • For example, the Saturday assistant in a local electrical outlet isn't a good person to parley with.
    • Oh, they parley endlessly… then hope to achieve whatever objective they set out for themselves, to put it simply.


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    negociación femenino