Traducción de parliamentary en Español:


parlamentario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌpɑrləˈmɛn(t)əri//ˌpɑːləˈmɛnt(ə)ri/


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    parliamentary democracy democracia parlamentaria femenino
    • parliamentary immunity inmunidad parlamentaria
    • parliamentary privilege inviolabilidad parlamentaria
    • parliamentary privileges fuero parlamentario
    • the Parliamentary Labour Party los diputados del Partido Laborista
    • Each parliamentary year, the government has time for perhaps no more than twenty major bills.
    • The politics of parliamentary democracy are not as monolithic as you represent them.
    • It needs to be gutted and to have its parliamentary representation evicted.
    • He stood as a candidate in four parliamentary elections, but without success.
    • We live in a parliamentary democracy that has no counterpart outside the Houses of Parliament.
    • In a parliamentary democracy, of course, changes of government are not unusual.
    • We got a quarter of the vote in both parliamentary constituencies in the London borough of Newham.
    • Many turned to advocating parliamentary reform when they got so little from parliament.
    • It is clearly based on equal numbers of constituents within the parliamentary seat.
    • Every Westminster and Scottish parliamentary seat is won by the party and won by a mile.
    • He can then appeal to all those who have been let down by the parliamentary left and the parliamentary right.
    • The real crisis is that we have a government that pays scant respect to parliamentary democracy.
    • The group is one of the largest country parliamentary groups in Westminster.
    • His comments came in a parliamentary debate on the Government's energy policy.
    • He is quite simply unfit to be a parliamentary representative in a democratic society.
    • He stated that a democratic federal pluralistic and parliamentary state should also be set up.
    • We are at the stage of the parliamentary process known as the third reading of this bill.
    • He says he can serve his council constituents, while performing parliamentary duties.
    • Two prospective parliamentary candidates had added their voices to the debate.
    • The disclosure prompted a parliamentary investigation and a government review.