Traducción de parrot-fashion en Español:


como un loro, adv.

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    como un loro
    como un papagayo
    • His delivery was pretty much parrot-fashion, rather in the nature of replacement window salesmen.
    • This line she repeats parrot-fashion, even when she suddenly realises that the customer who has just picked up an order is her long lost father.
    • Most of us learn their interpretation early in our studies, remembering parrot-fashion a regime of house meanings that we commit to memory and integrate into practice. We learn that the 2nd house represents wealth and finances - why?
    • Officials repeated parrot-fashion to us that it wasn't possible to predict but we couldn't believe they were saying it.
    • Their speeches can be stupefyingly boring, as if they are reciting parrot-fashion from books, and full of cliches.
    • I am not anti-American - the easy glib retort by that is repeated parrot-fashion whenever one raises these issues - no, I love America, and I hate to see what this wretched war is doing to its people.
    • I thought, I'm never going to remember all this, and I don't want to be sitting there reading out from my notes, parrot-fashion.
    • He just read, parrot-fashion, a speech that some official somewhere had written for him, and that, to me, is sad.
    • The tales described how they could be heard ‘murmuring’ to one another, and how, parrot-fashion, they repeated back words spoken to them.
    • What social interaction he has, as when he manages to pawn a stolen bicycle, is almost a matter of repeating parrot-fashion a language and references he hardly understands.
    • The lyrics, which were daft enough in the first place, have been learned parrot-fashion, and thereby have been rendered even sillier than they were originally.
    • Public debates broadcast by TV stations in the beginning attracted attention, but most of the candidates simply repeated their regular answers, parrot-fashion.