Traducción de parsimony en Español:


mezquindad, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑrsəˌmoʊni//ˈpɑːsɪməni/



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    mezquindad femenino
    excesiva frugalidad femenino
    • Relations had otherwise, it seems, become somewhat strained because of the husband's unreasonable parsimony.
    • Some cynics even dared to advance the theory that parsimony on the behalf of the home management had stayed their fingers on the on-off switch.
    • They have all blamed Government parsimony and bureaucratic obstruction.
    • The railways, too, were once a public utility, but were always treated with a degree of parsimony where funding was concerned.
    • Yet the decorations were always meager, and their gifts chosen with his usual parsimony.
    • There is parsimony and a restraint in what they say, which is very remarkable.
    • If it seems that way, it is only because of the puritanism, the pious emotional parsimony, of our American era.
    • He argues that a ruler who wishes to avoid a reputation for parsimony will find that he needs to spend lavishly and ostentatiously.
    • Until recently, the mean generally went undetected, their parsimony hidden from everyone but its recipients.
    • All this was true in 1997, even after the years of Conservative parsimony.
    • What connects the two sets of images - the woodcuts and the paintings - is a kind of parsimony.
    • But others point to parsimony, quoting examples of penny-pinching and bare-bones operations.
    • A parsimony of spirit haunts education policy, exacerbated by fear of the extremes.
    • The parsimony of the process explains how he was able to release two albums full of his material within a year.
    • In fact, impartiality is far less important in analysing data than parsimony and rigorous self discipline.
    • Even if the display erred on the side of parsimony, the gleaming expanse of wooden flooring and the glittering space above seemed to invite one in to marvel.
    • We have since paid a terrible price for that parsimony, as those now attending the inquests into the deaths of their loved ones at Paddington will attest.
    • It's particularly galling that German-speakers, not noted for syllabic parsimony, have no problem with it.
    • And so to see a club like York City, once a byword for financial prudence and parsimony, to be staring over the abyss is a mortal blow.
    • But perhaps the owners' parsimony is part of the reason for the bank's longevity.