Traducción de parson en Español:


clérigo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑrs(ə)n//ˈpɑːs(ə)n/


  • 1

    clérigo masculino
    (vicar) párroco masculino
    (vicar) cura párroco masculino
    • He was a humorous and gentle pastor of his flock, a good parson who put up a new poster every week to attract people to come to his church.
    • The parson goes on to deliver an eloquent sermon on Christian acceptance.
    • This story follows a witch hunt through a 17th century village, with the parson's wife, Anne, trying to save an old woman from being burned at the stake and ending up denounced herself for witchcraft.
    • One of the parson's duties is to encourage and help parishioners find suitable employment.
    • But, for the modern Episcopalian, the country parson is probably an ideal figure, remote and more longed for than experienced.
    • In her view ‘doctors, schoolmasters, bank managers and parsons were all respected members of the community’ and she was determined that her son should join them.
    • The parson had assured him that I was a hard worker, so he took me.
    • Deference to the squire and the parson was often a façade, masking constant challenges to authority by poaching and more explicit threats of rick-burning.
    • It is brought home to me in one of the few permitted churches, where the parson has to submit his sermons to the censors a month in advance.
    • This seems especially true of recent fiction written by people who have never served a parish as its parson.
    • You tell us not to believe what parsons say about religion.
    • The King James Bible was meant to be read in churches, and the idea was that if you didn't gloss it, people wouldn't be able to understand it properly, and they'd have to come to church and they'd have to ask the parson in the normal way to teach.
    • Does the idea of a club having its own priest, reverend, or parson seem ridiculous?
    • He was a good parson, and I am happy to have been introduced to his life by such a reliable biographer.
    • As a form of greeting, parsons should make a regular point of blessing those they meet as an alternative to more ‘worldly’ salutations.
    • Some of your boys can thank a Texas parson for being alive today
    • This was about the clerk of that parish, whose wife used to wash the parson's surplices.
    • The parson told the magistrates that he knew nothing of his niece's whereabouts until he saw the notice in the newspapers.
    • Soon she is the quarry of both the parson, who wants to keep her innocence intact, and the hard-drinking, fox-hunting squire, who wants his wicked way with her.
    • He wanted to be a monk, not a busy town parson continually beset by unreasonable people.