Traducción de parsonage en Español:


casa del párroco, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑːs(ə)nɪdʒ//ˈpɑrsənədʒ/


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    casa del párroco femenino
    • As narrator we have not a rootless and unchurched young woman but an elderly Congregationalist minister who has lived all his life in the same parsonage in the town of Gilead, Iowa.
    • The faded red brick church sat at the falling-off place between the flat prairie in front and a deep gorge in back, with a cemetery that spilled down the hill behind the parsonage.
    • The daughter and her intended arrived at the parsonage promptly at five, he having taken off a few minutes early from his job as an asphalt man on the county's roads.
    • I am trying to separate living and working and I found this room high up in a parsonage, in an administrative building attached to a church.
    • After services, at the parsonage, I sit with Maria in the kitchen, drinking coffee, while the men gather in the living room, listening to music, loudly talking, and laughing.
    • Based on the 2004 amendment, for 1995 and later years, the housing allowance and the annual rental value of parsonages provided to retired ministers are not included in computing the amount of social security benefits.
    • It was supported by property owners, and was in turn preoccupied, indeed almost obsessed, by the defence and enhancement of its own properties including tithes, parsonages, and pew rents.
    • When calculating the earned income credit, unless you have opted out of social security, be sure to include the amount of your housing allowance that was excluded from income on Line 7, or the fair rental value of the parsonage.
    • An unused parsonage at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Ottumwa, Iowa, has been put to good use.
    • The senior Taylor, an aggressive soulwinner, pastored the Queen Anne Hill United Presbyterian Church where the family resided in the parsonage next door.
    • Your dad is going to be the pastor of a church there, and we'll live in the parsonage behind the church.
    • They temporarily moved to a vacant parsonage in nearby Garnavillo.
    • Or, I could work it in between washing laundry and making sure the parsonage is spotless in case of drop-in company.
    • The school teacher lived in the parsonage, too.
    • Had he not considered the beneficial benefits of the Protestant parsonage in non-Catholic lands?
    • Shutting off the air conditioner, I walk across the alley to the parsonage to enjoy the meal.
    • She discloses that the outbreak has had a dire effect on the numbers visiting the parsonage, once the home of the famed Brönte sisters, resulting in admission takings being down almost £18,000 on last year's figure.
    • Some of this success can be attributed to the benevolent spirit that pervades the old parsonage where the College is housed.
    • The fair rental value of a church-provided parsonage or a properly designated housing allowance for ministers.
    • They liked her so much they gave up their goal of hiring a man who would bring a wife and family to fill the parsonage.