Traducción de part exchange en Español:

part exchange



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    we take your old washing machine in part exchange aceptamos su lavadora usada a cuenta / como parte del pago
    • I offered them the Renault in part exchange les ofrecí el Renault como parte del pago
    • We crossed used car lots, where Jiyoon was once offered part exchange and a score of monkeys for her shiny white Benz by a man in a velvet-collared, brown Crombie and matching pork-pie hat; all in our quest for art.
    • Run it another couple of years and you'll be looking at a part exchange figure of about £7,500 for a car that originally cost £30,000.
    • These problems of valuation are magnified where a particular deal involves (as I imagine it frequently may) an element of part exchange.
    • I have already had a discount equivalent to a part-exchange sale.
    • Discounts of several thousand pounds can come in the form of paid stamp duty and legal fees or part-exchange deals.
    • He would sell a motor vehicle and take a motor vehicle in part exchange.
    • However, not all part exchange deals are equal.
    • That case involved the part exchange of old goods for new.
    • The Irish Examiner's Academy Street property is likely to have made over its €25m- €30m price guide, in a deal which includes a part exchange of land in Mahon.
    • The part exchange value of the car traded in was £1, 500 and the deposit of £150 was accounted for by the Purchase Plus voucher.
    • Dealers may dangle a ‘bargain’ in front of you, then try to make up the difference by offering you a poor deal on part exchange.
    • The offers include part-exchange, stamp duty of deposit paid, extra fixtures and fittings, or free legal fees and surveys if buyers move quickly.
    • P was selling a car to D and accepted D's car in part exchange after D represented to him that it was free from all encumbrances.
    • On their return he installed the new purchase, taking PDQ's old Komori printer in part-exchange.
    • I think the Pro might be pushing it too, but is not outside the realm of possibility, especially if I can do some kind of part exchange deal.
    • They also conned individual customers who were trading in their old cars in part exchange, by promising to pay off outstanding loans on the customer's old cars but not doing so.
    • This includes me not being able to access websites that helped me value people's part exchanges, or sites that would give a quick indication of car insurance costs.
    • These include a low mortgage, paying a five per cent deposit for you and offering part exchange on selected plots.
    • This car may well find itself abandoned in part exchange where the dealer can suffer the cost himself… can I afford it?
    • But it won't be worth much in part exchange either, so if you have the space and the inclination you may as well hang on to it.