Traducción de partially sighted en Español:

partially sighted

con visión parcial, adj.


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    con visión parcial
    • Peter got back on a bike after his son, David, saw an advert calling for volunteers to take blind and partially sighted people out on tandems and is now back cycling the countryside around Bury, Rochdale and Oldham.
    • His efforts mirror our vision of a world in which all people who are blind or partially sighted enjoy the same rights, opportunities and responsibilities as everyone else.
    • Pedestrian zones are full of hazards for blind and partially sighted people.
    • Hosted by Iain Johnston, chairman of the Winged Fellowship Trust, the evening served to raise money for the charity that provides short breaks and activity days for disabled, blind and partially sighted people, and their carers.
    • Visual impairment is used to describe people who are blind or partially sighted, as opposed to long or short-sighted.
    • It has launched a campaign to encourage town planners, retailers, owners of bars or restaurants and members of the public to think about the needs of blind and partially sighted people.
    • Our view is that anything that helps somebody who is blind or partially sighted to be more independent is a good thing.
    • The Eyecare Trust said that the number of people registered blind or partially sighted in the UK had increased by more than 60% in the last 20 years.
    • But critics have condemned the scheme for denying public space in an already crowded area, and for making life even harder for the blind and partially sighted.
    • It is the board's and my commitment that we have the finances to sustain services that meet the needs of the local blind and partially sighted people in Keighley to take us into our centenary year and beyond.
    • ‘These dogs, once trained, will give blind and partially sighted people freedom which they wouldn't otherwise have,’ she said.
    • York blind and partially sighted society is looking for someone to help occasionally in the resource centre to provide cover for meetings etc.
    • By way of interest, we have our own Humpty Dumpty collection boxes throughout the area, which contribute towards supporting and developing our work on behalf of 697 local registered blind and partially sighted people.
    • ‘These boards do cause severe difficulties for blind and partially sighted people and we would support more control over the issue,’ said a spokesman.
    • Even though books can be easily produced in large print, Braille, audio or electronic form, the vast majority are not made available in formats blind or partially sighted people can read, she says.
    • This gives blind and partially sighted people the opportunity to enjoy an independent holiday in this region with their guide dogs.
    • They are then told how large numbers of children are born blind or partially sighted in the developing world and how the majority of cases could be prevented if medical resources were available.
    • The service for blind and partially sighted people moved into its first purpose-built studio and office since the service came into existence in 1982.
    • At the association's headquarters in Commercial Road, Devizes, there is a well equipped resource centre that helps blind and partially sighted people to live independently in their own homes.
    • The Swindon Access Guide lists whether a centre has facilities such as wheelchair access, disabled parking, guides for the blind or partially sighted, and infra red hearing enhancement systems so that trips can be planned in advance.