Traducción de passable en Español:


pasable, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpæsəb(ə)l//ˈpɑːsəb(ə)l/


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    • Rumour has it that in a major earthquake, the synthetic ground will simply liquify and the entire area will do a passable impression of Atlantis' final moments.
    • The outfit was passable with her house-slippers, but satisfied her.
    • They speak fluent French, passable German, and have notions of Spanish.
    • Where British accents are required, the actors do a passable job, though they sound more mid-Atlantic than Manchester.
    • My old jacket isn't even real tweed but only a passable imitation.
    • ‘There were some passable wines but, in general, this was a shocking experience,’ one taster said.
    • Kantine food was passable, and after work, there was just enough energy to make it home and go to bed.
    • The remainder tracks are passable but not memorable enough to merit mention.
    • He raised his voice a few tones on these last words, giving a passable imitation of his friend, and Telli joined him in laughing.
    • His face was not much to look at - certainly not handsome, but passable enough.
    • The film seems in reasonably good shape, with some dirt and dusts now and again, but overall, a passable presentation.
    • In her opinion, her looks were passable enough to be called pretty.
    • For your information, I thought it was perfectly passable, and nasty enough, without being too scary.
    • It's got passable graphics, a mediocre soundtrack, and gameplay that depends in large part on your ability to mash the Square button.
    • What notion of vision and flair achieved this passable imitation of a prison yard?
    • Cumulo-Nimbus clouds apparently lying atop the South Downs and turning them into a passable imitation of a snow-capped mountain range.
    • The result is a highly inoffensive, passable sound which has its interesting, if unremarkable, moments.
    • My command of the language was verging on the passable but it was not polished enough for a deep exploration of modern European politics, and certainly not at that speed.
    • It's a passable presentation, with dialogue, effects, and music mixed equally.
    • In all, this disc is a passable presentation of a surprisingly interesting film.
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    (route/road) transitable
    • Back in the 1920s keeping the clay road passable for bullock teams was a difficult matter.
    • A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said Whitby and Scarborough were the worst hit areas but all main roads were passable with care.
    • Many other roads were only passable with care including the Cat and Fiddle road, the A54 Buxton to Congleton road.
    • The lack of passable roads in rural areas makes it difficult to transport agricultural products to market.
    • He plays a vital role travelling ahead of us to check our intended route is safely passable and helping anyone who falls overboard.
    • In Elvington, there was serious flooding but roads were passable with care.
    • You need to get out there, assuming there are any passable roads.
    • Keeping the clay roads passable, especially in winter, was a difficult task.
    • A few paved trunk roads and many passable dirt roads make Maasailand accessible.
    • He challenged Kitwe residents to pay land rates as this would help the council ensure that the roads were made passable.
    • The rebuilding should make the roads passable this planting season as well as make it easier for possible rehabilitation next year.
    • By last night the force said most roads were passable with care.
    • Snow was settling on the Pennines this morning but roads were still passable with care.
    • There would be no ambulance, especially with the snow too deep for the road to be passable.
    • Downtown roads are passable for the most part, with scattered debris mostly from trees.
    • Mr. Moore was a traveling dentist when roads were passable and a hatter in the winter months.
    • An engineer with Kerry County Council said the road is still passable and there are traffic lights in operation.
    • Yes, things have changed and changed for the better and now rural people have acquired auto means of transport because roads are passable.
    • Cape Farewell is a series of expeditions into the Arctic, through a previously icebound but now passable route.
    • The streets were so choked with sellers and shoppers alike that oftentimes only one lane of the street was passable for cars.