Traducción de passionless en Español:


poco apasionado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpaʃnləs//ˈpæʃ(ə)nləs/


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    poco apasionado
    • It is often frivolous, vehement but mostly passionless, lazily deceitful or ill-informed and without political substance or influence.
    • Very funny, just to remind us that nothing we are seeing is very funny, and the final shot is the sort of passionless kiss you get when the director is sleeping with the woman being kissed by the handsome star.
    • ‘Rarely has an important political figure in [Massachusetts] engendered such passionless support,’ the Boston Globe reported.
    • Unfortunately, the insurance company and drug company models for delivering passionless, profitable self-serving health care may well be chipping away at our reputation around the world.
    • Tourist represents a whole album of this faux, passionless emotion which, given Athlete's previous sunny disposition, sounds entirely synthetic.
    • Aiming a punch at an egg-throwing protester during the 2001 General Election campaign and being shamelessly rude to the fourth estate strikes a chord with many voters who believe politics has become too passionless.
    • It would seem no coincidence that the cool, passionless persona emerged at the time of the break-up of her marriage.
    • Because, contrary to what's been said about us in the past, New Zealanders are not a passionless people, and the brightest gems will sometimes be found lurking in a hole in the ground, clad in blue overalls.
    • Souness was pleased with the character shown by his players, particularly in the wake of Saturday's passionless display at Birmingham, which had prompted the manager to question the attitude of his squad.
    • ‘It was a bit passionless,’ the colleague said.
    • As we journey through Cook's life, we get a clear if passionless commentary, which delicately glosses over unpleasantness and is regularly brightened by, fancy that, facts.
    • The period, as he never tired of repeating, was one of passionless reflection and detached understanding.
    • Second, ‘too many liberals compromise themselves and their causes into oblivion,’ through passionless and overly civil politics.
    • But overall the performances, the music, the photography and the pace are passionless and at 270 minutes, the film is ponderous.
    • Louise, our heroine, is the dreamy little housewife serving up endless sausages to her passionless civil servant husband, who comes from a long line of government clerks and is ‘proud to have done no better’.
    • For a truly vapid and incomprehensible (yet edifyingly elitist) waste of time, do read His Grace's fine paeons to the terminally passionless and intellectually banal.
    • That may come across as cold and passionless but that's only because I don't agree with most political philosophies or politicians.
    • But in some ways it's almost as passionless as the characters skirting their emotions and desires.
    • Sylvian's work isn't tinged with the same sense of loss and tragedy and his stylised delivery makes for oddly passionless songs; but, like the Scot, he is an artist who has managed to produce consistently fascinating work.
    • The encounter then developed into a pretty passionless and ponderous one for a healthy home crowd of 26,708, with Arena's side content to sit on their single-goal lead.