Traducción de passive smoking en Español:

passive smoking

tabaquismo pasivo, n.


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    tabaquismo pasivo masculino
    • However, this is a promising strategy if we really want to know whether passive smoking increases the risk of various diseases.
    • The limits of epidemiology were stretched when it was demonstrated that passive smoking caused lung cancer.
    • In 1981 an influential Japanese study showed an association between passive smoking and lung cancer.
    • The act of breathing in this secondary smoke is called passive smoking.
    • The proportion of passive smoking at home was slightly higher among nonatopic workers.
    • There is legitimate debate about the effects of passive smoking on heart disease and lung cancer.
    • Policies that ban smoking in public places are effective in reducing passive smoking among non-smokers generally.
    • This study supports the use of cotinine as an appropriate marker for passive smoking.
    • However, the evidence for the health effects of passive smoking is neither as consistent nor as iron clad as Thun wants to portray it.
    • Before the 1990s, awareness of the danger of passive smoking was lower and smokers smoked freely at home.
    • Do not let anyone smoke in the same room as your baby - passive smoking is thought to double the risk of SIDS.
    • A British Medical Journal study showed passive smoking kills more than 11,000 people a year in the Britain.
    • Existing evidence is already sufficient to implicate passive smoking as a cause of lung cancer and coronary heart disease.
    • Even if they benefit smokers, such cigarettes would not prevent passive smoking.
    • The two health visitors researched information and evidence about passive smoking and the effect it had on children.
    • How much reliance do we place on this new data on passive smoking and snoring in adults?
    • The most important indoor source of these pollutants is active or passive smoking in study areas.
    • What they do not say is that, in a situation analogous to passive smoking, children who do not work can also have occupational diseases.
    • I cannot see how employees could suffer from passive smoking as they do not use the room in the evening.
    • Most studies on passive smoking have examined the risks of living with someone who smokes.