Traducción de paste en Español:


pasta, n.

Pronunciación /peɪst//peɪst/


  • 1

    (thick mixture)
    pasta femenino
    meat/fish paste paté de carne/pescado masculino
    • Mosquito and ant bites can be relieved by the application of a moist bicarbonate of soda paste.
    • The small bits of fruit had disintegrated into a sweet, thick paste, just right to hold the tart surprise of the larger pieces.
    • Next add the ginger, turmeric and oil and work the ingredients into a thick brown paste.
    • Ginger shrimp smacked of iodine and were burdened with a thick, harshly bitter paste of a sauce.
    • In the past, stone presses inefficiently coaxed oil from thick olive paste.
    • Inquiries regarding the basic ingredients of the meat paste were not addressed directly, rather the previous comment was reissued.
    • Drain and make into a thick, smooth paste by adding a little water.
    • One of the biggest changes that Hogwarth has seen over the years is a move away from royal icing to softer sugar paste.
    • The pizza tasted much better than it looked, tangy tomato paste, nice, moist pan-style dough.
    • The most special offering to Lord Ganesha is the modakam, a ball of sweet coconut/jaggery fill, covered with a thick rice paste.
    • The sweet version is also delicious, as the soft rice and bean paste seem to melt together.
    • Michael sat her down on a stool before the fire and told her what he needed, and she produced a little stone jar of thick amber paste.
    • As with all the Deities of this pilgrimage, it is covered in a thick coating of sandalwood paste which is re-applied several times a day.
    • Dissolve the ground paste in thick buttermilk; add salt and pumpkin.
    • The artist holds your hand, painting the moist paste with a steady stroke, building the design element by element.
    • Its thick, sweet paste of a sesame sauce overwhelmed the innocent vegetable.
    • Place the coriander, walnuts, garlic, juice and Parmesan in a food processor with half a tsp salt and some pepper, whizz and add oil until a thick paste has formed.
    • Add all the other ingredients except the tomato paste and herbs, bring to the boil, then simmer gently, stirring occasionally for two to three hours.
    • The skin is tacky, and quickly gives way to a thick, stringy paste of sugar.
    • When slightly thick, add the paste of milk powder and ghee.
  • 2

    engrudo masculino
    flour-and-water paste engrudo masculino
    • wallpaper paste pegamento
    • We had boiled potatoes and steamed cod, served with sauce that could have passed for wallpaper paste.
    • Halfway through the meal the pasta is congealed - a rubbery blob of gooey stuff fit only for use as paste to stick fliers to subway walls.
    • Like visitors pretending they hadn't noticed the damp odour of fresh wallpaper paste, the opposition averted their eyes and didn't mention a thing.
    • I could see a few election posters here and there and some people hanging around those tables that you use to put paste on the back of wallpaper.
    • Use an Electric Steamer: An electric steamer can be used as an alternative to a chemical remover for softening the wallpaper paste.
    • A handy tip is to give the walls one or two coats of emulsion or a coat of paste before you wallpaper.
    • You can buy the wallpaper paste at your hardware store.
    • You must also carefully rinse the entire wall surface so there are no traces of paste or wallpaper stripper remaining behind, before you paint.
    • The main weapon used in the battle against leaves is a substance called Sandite. It looks like gritty wallpaper paste and it helps trains to get a better grip on the rails.
    • Just about every one of your favourite bands at one point was standing on a street corner with a bucket full of wallpaper paste and a paintbrush.
    • For newer plastic-coated papers, ask your wallpaper store for the correct paste.
    • The sticky nature of gluten has been utilized as a paper and fabric glue, as in making papier-mâché and wallpaper paste.
    • Aidan launched himself at me, squeaking, and covered me in flour and something that looked suspiciously like wall-paper paste.
    • It was a brilliant speck of chilli in a sea of wallpaper paste.
    • Most professionals apply paste even to pre-pasted wallpaper.
    • Is it magic, ghosts, or a weird adhesive concocted from ancient wallpaper paste, tobacco smoke and grime?
    • Once they reach the house, however, it's back to normal as Charlie all but smothers his boss in wallpaper paste and leaves the house in ruins.
    • Developed by Watts over five years, the product comes in rolls and is applied with wallpaper paste, so it is easy to strip off later if required.
    • On the contrary, the appearance of the soggy paper and paste looked rather ugly.
    • I'm not sure if the tape they provide have any thermal conductivity properties, but you can easily use your favorite thermal epoxy or paste.
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    (imitation gem)
    estrás masculino
    all her jewels are paste todas sus joyas son de fantasía / bisutería
    • before noun paste diamond estrás
    • The necklace shown in Plate VII is set with paste stones replicating emeralds.
    • They jumped as a lady dressed in rags and paste jewels stepped inside the room.
    • In its original sense enamel is glass or vitreous paste fused to a prepared surface, usually of metal, by means of intense heat.
    • The shop was promoting gold brooches from six shillings and sixpence, and gilt paste brooches from one shilling.
    • His daughter Queen Elizabeth I was the first to wear paste jewellery to make herself look richer that she really was.

verbo transitivo

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    (wallpaper) aplicar pegamento a
    (wallpaper) aplicar cola a
    to paste sth into/onto sth pegar algo en algo
    • A skilled artisan, Mr. Misra says that the real potochitras are actually made on canvas made of bandage cloth which is pasted with a paste of tamarind and naturally occurring gum.
    • ‘I met several people pasting the advertisements with glue bottles and brushes,’ he said.
    • The introduction of papering techniques whereby the wall rather than the paper is pasted has made hanging the wallpaper less fraught with peril than it used to be.
    • In an act of complete nonchalance, the 23 year-old Southampton lad started a food fight leaving other guests liable to be pasted with flying fish remains and crustaceans.
  • 2argot

    he got pasted in the final set en el último set lo hicieron bolsa Cono Sur coloquial
    • the critics pasted her novel los críticos le hicieron bolsa la novela
    • Yes, we got absolutely pasted and looked like we weren't ready for a team like Germany.
    • These selfsame Bengals pasted a very respectable Denver team.
    • In fact, children of the famous are more likely to be critically pasted rather than approved, and the more successful the parent, the tougher it will be on their offspring.
    • That week, the Seahawks pasted Detroit with 35 points and 366 yards in a 35-14 win.
    • Alongside the Flea's concerns about global colding and fascist medievalism is the gnawing anxiety we are all going to be pasted by an asteroid.
    • The Gators erase memories of their 62-24 massacre to Nebraska after the 1995 season by pasting the Wildcats.
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    • Markup created in Fireworks can also be pasted or imported into Dreamweaver.
    • It also allows the user to copy and paste the text into a word processor, email or clipboard.
    • It is so simple to lift text by cutting and pasting,’ he said.
    • In particular, copying and pasting often eliminates specific formatting of Web pages, and necessitates keeping a document open for the information to be collected in.
    • Next, I opened ‘Microsoft Word’, and then pasted the copied web document into Word.
    • At the end of the project, all of the references can be gathered together and pasted into a document as a bibliography.
    • When previewing a set of sliced images, the HTML is in this window for simple copying and pasting into your HTML document.
    • An index must first be created, and URLs for links instead of page numbers need to be manually pasted.
    • When accounts are created, a list of first and last names is typed or pasted into a text box.
    • The BEA example above just gives an error message when pasted into another browser.
    • So, I expect to be able to select text and copy it to a clipboard, for pasting elsewhere.
    • Sections of the world trade agreement have simply been pasted into the draft negotiating text, ensuring that corporate freedom overrides environmental protection.
    • Well, this is only a tiny matter of technology: all he needs to do is copy the relevant section and paste it into his document.
    • Excuse the format - I'm cutting and pasting from a plain text document, and I don't want to correct all the spacing issues.
    • Simply copy the entire word processor document and paste it to the first cell in a blank spreadsheet.
    • Once copied, the text is easily pasted into another document and read.
    • Another approach to this is to copy what you want to print by pasting in to either a text editor, or WordPad.
    • Naturally, the program allows files to be dragged from Windows Explorer, as well as supports coping and pasting to/from clipboard.
    • Too much online information is ephemeral - so we end up emailing things to ourselves, copy and pasting into new documents and losing context.
    • To see what they see, highlight your entire page and paste it into a text editor.