Traducción de paste-up en Español:


maqueta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpeɪstˌəp/



  • 1

    maqueta femenino
    design and paste-up diseño y maquetación
    • before noun paste-up artist maquetador
    • paste-up work maquetación
    • His wall work was a paste-up: titanium white Xerox paper printouts with a digital wire-frame-like train-trip.
    • The company's name slips his mind and the paste-up reminds him of Rimbaud's Délires II.
    • But the truck is running and the paste-up sheets are quickly being paginated.
    • He'd work some kind of paste-up edit, often inserting a freeze-frame in a manner that made other TV directors wince.
    • This vital message is a matter of concern for citizens of every age and walk of life, but the punkish scribbles and all-over-the-place attempts at paste-up make it look like a poorly considered and intemperate rant.
    • There are, for instance, paste-ups of proofs, and a number of items relating to children's folklore.
    • Eventually he is reduced to living in a shoe-box on a Seattle street corner, doing Kruger-esque paste-ups for tourists.
    • You know that girl that helps you with the paste-up on weekends?
    • In 1992 he joined Baltimore service bureau Graphic Detail, Inc. in order to get in on the upcoming digital revolution and say goodbye to rubylith, paste-ups and opaqueing.
    • Her day might begin with ironing (she kept a board in the office, under which she stashed the sherry and damp laundry) or paste-ups.
    • The electronic replacement of hot type or page paste-up - swept through the industry in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
    • TV One's ‘Sunday’ programme has just shown a paste-up of the media coverage of the war so far… to the soundtrack of ‘Marching Song Of The Covert Battalions’.
    • And while we're at it, let's have more public works of art and murals around the place - and decent spaces for public notices too, where anyone can do a paste-up except the Corporate Advertising Armies (tm).
    • As a working designer, I knew the kind of deadline-conscious calculations I made to cope with something as trivial as the paste-up of a 32-page brochure: one-fourth done, halfway done, ten more to go, five more…
    • On the rare occasion that I come across mechanicals, I find myself marveling at the intricacies; the tools and immediate product of paste-up seem undeniably beautiful and real to me.
    • His two full-time ‘operations’ staffers (they're the paste-up guys) are willing to hang on to their hook ladders.
    • In the first two I was finding my feet and taking instruction from the other editor - who showed me how the golf-ball typewriter worked and how the paste-up was done (overnight sittings with coffee and the fumes from the glue to keep us going).
    • These years continued the trend of the 1980s of big cost savings on the production side thanks to electronic typesetting and paste-up.
    • And for many people it was, but you still had to learn html coding, which was inscrutable enough to make one long for the days of typesetting and paste-up.
    • Yeah, I was in the production department, which involved random paste-ups, little editorial corrections, whiting out lines when they went over the panel border.