Traducción de pasteboard en Español:


cartón, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpeɪs(t)bɔrd//ˈpeɪs(t)bɔːd/


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    cartón masculino
    • It was a homemade Shakespearean tragedy being played out among our own pasteboard pavilions.
    • You hand your quarter, and receiving your pasteboard, step into the store.
    • Wardrobes of horror, which include ancient and scary wiring, strange interior pasteboard moments and feature beading.
    • Some were made of wood, others of pasteboard, but the element that gives them such charm is the brightly colored wallpapers that were used to decorate them.
    • I got up and went and got the little old guitar, brought it up, and took my knife and cut the pasteboard box around.
    • He lifted one with black pasteboard binding - Western Wanderings by the Rev O. T. Bradley, published in 1932 by the Ashtree Press of Kidderminster.
    • You might give them a big pasteboard box painted black on the inside.
    • When dealing with text and images, it is like using a pasteboard.
    • With nothing but the gentle slap of one piece of pasteboard against another to distract him, Sam slipped imperceptibly from daydreaming into sleep.
    • Lay this paper or pasteboard on the ground intended to receive the figure… and with a stiff, smooth brush, paint with a quick vibration over the whole figure. - Then take up the paper and you will have the entire figure on the ground.
    • Cheap, pre-fabricated homes built with timber, corrugated iron and tar pasteboard line the winding road that leads to the masterpiece of the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
    • He put chips under it, blocks of various sorts, bits of pasteboard, and at last went so far as to attempt an exquisite adjustment by final pieces of folded blotting-paper.
    • They had to drink seltzer water instead of champagne and had even been given a pasteboard turkey which they were expected to pretend to consume.
    • She saw these things in that card, in that piece of white pasteboard, as if she had seen them in a looking-glass.
    • Almost every piece of pasteboard from programmes to menus around the Old Course featured Lawrie holding the Claret Jug aloft after his Carnoustie triumph.
    • However, closer examination of the structure of the pocket, particularly the fibers used to make the paper and pasteboard, suggests early nineteenth-century manufacture.
    • Enough Californians quite rightly wanted to turn the tables on the governor and if this meant setting the pasteboard crown on his rival's head, they said, so be it.
    • Then he draws the strip directly in ink on large pasteboard, photocopies it, and shades the reduced copy with a gray wash or watercolor.
    • Exactly on time, a half-grown boy rides up the road on a bicycle, locates the pasteboard box at the foot of the fence-post, slips a folded piece of paper into it, and pedals away again back toward Summit.
    • We know of experiments he made with sundials, probably in 1646, and also a pasteboard model of the solar system which exhibited his artistic as well as astronomical skills.
    • The name came from a flat metallic gold s that one of us glued onto the lid of a small pasteboard box, the kind that greeting cards come in, into which we placed the finished works.
    • All but one of the tickets were produced, but one man in the corner searched every pocket, without avail, for his piece of missing pasteboard.