Traducción de pasture en Español:


pastos, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpæstʃər//ˈpɑːstʃə/


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    (grazing land)
    pastos masculino
    • It is rich, this island, in fruit and trees of various kinds, and it is suitable for pastures of sheep and cattle, and in some places vineyards grow.
    • To the east of the track the land rises immediately and forested to the moors; the land to the west pans out as pasture after sheep pasture, interspersed with a few areas of springs and copses of alder or birch.
    • The duration and size of the grazing area will vary, as with dairy cows or cattle, taking into account, animal and pasture conditions.
    • There is unlikely to be a need to supplement major minerals when cattle are at pasture or on good silage apart from giving magnesium to lactating cows during the risk periods for grass tetany.
    • The animals in the fields awoke, the cattle in the pastures and the sheep in the folds, even the birds in the air awoke and began to call to each other, male to female.
    • Raging streams tore down fences, deposited huge logs on pasture and covered the land in thick gluggy silt.
    • On this grassy pasture, it was covered with a few boulders here and there, a small pond and a few trees and shrubs.
    • Wooden fences kept the animals in the grassy pasture, but the main road ran parallel to the farm.
    • The second part of this chapter deals with the utilization of the pasture by the grazing animals.
    • Supplemental forage was provided on all grazing farms when pasture availability was limited.
    • A pasture field was planted in Texas that had a severe RIFA infestation.
    • Furthermore, much of the Lincolnshire Wolds in its unenclosed state was sheep pasture, not arable land.
    • Three quarters of grassland seed mixtures sown in Britain include white clover, yet studies have shown that it only thrives in 20 per cent of fields used as pasture for cattle and sheep.
    • One acre of pasture can provide adequate grazing but requires more management and equipment.
    • The time of the morning that cattle are removed from pasture before weighing can have an impact on both their BW and the amount of shrink they incur.
    • Yet the industry of raising cattle and sheep on irrigated pasture in California had gross revenues for that year of less than $100 million.
    • Further, more land was used within the existing area of cultivation, by reducing the amount of fallow land, and replacing permanent pasture and rough grazing with arable rotations.
    • The Niger here has an inland delta which permits the seasonal growing of rice, while other areas contain sufficient pasture for cattle, sheep, and goats.
    • The woodland and waste that lay beyond the cultivated land was common land, which provided timber for fuel and building, and rough pasture for cattle, sheep, and goats.
    • This difference, according to Davis, is mainly the result of fewer field animals killed in pasture and forage production than in the growing and harvest of grain, beans, and corn.
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    (tract of grazing land)
    prado masculino
    potrero masculino América Latina
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    pasto masculino
    pastura femenino

verbo transitivo

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