Traducción de pastureland en Español:


tierra de pastoreo, n.


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    tierra de pastoreo femenino
    pradera femenino
    • But here in Lesotho… boys as young as seven or eight forgo the lessons of the classroom for lonely days in the country's golden pasturelands.
    • We were based near Parthenay, in an area noted for its rolling pastureland, reclaimed marshes, and a pretty breed of red beef cattle, the Parthenaise.
    • It was intended to keep the rabbits, that were in plague proportions, on one side, and the pasturelands on the other, preserving them for farming.
    • On New Zealand's rugged landscapes aerial topdressing of pasturelands was widely adopted, and helped boost productivity.
    • The bright blue waters and the pure white snow-capped peaks set each other off appealingly, while hordes of cattle and sheep wander across the lush pastureland by the lakeside.
    • Changes in area of hayfields and pasturelands were likewise positively correlated.
    • ‘We studied different land cover changes for cropland data sets in combination with pasturelands,’ Jain said.
    • Multiple regression analysis shows that lakes in watersheds with large areas in pasturelands have low N: P, whereas lakes in watersheds dominated by row-cropping have systematically high N: P. Lakes in watersheds…
    • The study area is a fragmented landscape of lowland tropical rainforest surrounded by roads, cultivated fields and pasturelands.
    • Numerous species exhibited significant association with changes in number of cows, or the availability of pasturelands, hayfields, and farm woods, but the number of positive and negative correlations was similar.
    • Habitat types range from pasturelands, fallow lands, cereal croplands, shrublands, and holm-oak lands.
    • The journey north-west from Edinburgh is a delight, with lush pasturelands giving way to the rugged beauty of the Trossachs and then Argyll and the western seaboard.
    • The strongest relationships involved positive correlations among hayfields, pasturelands, and cover crops.
    • Like Scotland, Wales has a wild, inspiring beauty, its narrow coastal pasturelands rising dramatically into the high peaks of the Brecon Beacons, the Black Mountains and lofty Snowdonia.
    • The villagers also agreed to devote one day every week towards voluntary work to help develop the pastureland.
    • And those hills are the pasturelands of Chuquiñapi, a village that I have traveled to several times.
    • It will produce a year's worth of gas and enough water to turn the state of Rhode Island into a foot-deep lake - a blessing in arid Wyoming if the water weren't so saline that it destroys pasturelands.
    • The high pastureland was lush with grass, sere and tussocky now after the summer's heat, and it sort of rolled, building itself up in a series of slow waves into the foothills of the Sierras.
    • At Monasterevin it turns southwards and makes its way through the rich tillage and pasturelands of Kildare, Carlow and Kilkenny, passing through the towns of Athy and Carlow along the way.
    • You'll see pasturelands, areas made into wasteland by cornfields.