Traducción de paternalism en Español:


paternalismo, n.

Pronunciación /pəˈtərnlˌɪzəm//pəˈtəːn(ə)lɪz(ə)m/


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    paternalismo masculino
    • They said that protectionism and paternalism would only harm producers from developing nations.
    • As for the colonies in Asia and Africa, authoritarian paternalism - not self-government - was the order of the day.
    • Your Honour, it is not as much paternalism as facilitating a process.
    • Indeed, I do tend to question public policy arguments based on paternalism.
    • He remained throughout his life motivated by an abiding belief in the twin myths of racial paternalism and national mission.
    • Thanks to your misguided paternalism, racial tension will always be front and center.
    • They don't want paternalism or dependence when they are entitled to resources of their own.
    • This is where paternalism - chosen or imposed - must be admitted.
    • The cases reek of legal paternalism and legal moralism but little reference is made to ideas of personal autonomy or sovereignty.
    • I moved towards the right by talking to the alleged ‘beneficiaries’ of liberal paternalism.
    • And people said left wing media was doomed because of arrogance and paternalism!
    • The bureaucratic paternalism and social control techniques of the employers are briefly exemplified.
    • The Government may mean well in moving this bill forward, but such paternalism is misplaced when it changes the rules of the social game.
    • Justifying government policies on the basis of paternalism is just one of many analogies used to mislead people about their true nature and effects.
    • Another profession, the medical, has just been criticised for arrogance, paternalism and complacency.
    • Trade is far better than aid, which evokes dependency and paternalism.
    • For public health policy to be realised, paternalism must be replaced by active encouragement of patients to participate in their own care.
    • This kind of paternalism will not solve the problem.
    • This ‘we know what's best for them’ sentiment is evidence of paternalism, not solidarity.
    • There is a thoroughly conservative article here that takes up the burden of finding a balance between liberty and paternalism.