Traducción de pathological en Español:


patológico, adj.

Pronunciación /paθəˈlɒdʒɪk(ə)l//ˌpæθəˈlɑdʒək(ə)l/


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    (diagnosis/examination) patológico
    • The author claims that historical, iconographic, pathological, physical, and chemical evidence points to inauthenticity.
    • Our goal is to provide a framework for studying these adaptive and pathologic changes.
    • Because of this it can also help remove the pathological buildup of calcium associated with arthritic joints.
    • The clinical and pathologic findings of this study are summarized in the Table.
    • However, 39,901 of the appendixes removed showed no pathologic features of appendicitis.
    • We define primary bronchiolar disorders as those diseases in which an isolated pathologic process is limited to bronchioles anatomically.
    • No pathological abnormalities such as serious disease or physical deformities were recorded.
    • The following studies are examples of pathological responses in animals that were induced by exposure to UV rays.
    • Forty-four patients were enrolled in the present study and the baseline pathologic and clinical characteristics of this group are summarized in Table 1.
    • We can see that the Egyptians recognized the connection between food and the cause of certain pathological diseases.
    • Microscopic images captured with digital cameras for pathologic studies have been analyzed at many research institutes.
    • But just as a workable and testable theory has evolved, important work by an international group implies potentially four pathological patterns of multiple sclerosis.
    • Clinical, radiographic, and pathologic findings, including ultrastructural studies in select cases, were analyzed and correlated.
    • Our study of pathological prognostic factors at presentation confirmed these findings for women with early breast cancer.
    • It appears from our data that a single measurement of the bronchial tree reflects the severity of disease as determined by pathologic analysis.
    • Destruction of the alveolar walls, one of the pathologic changes in pulmonary emphysema, had been considered irreversible.
    • From here, he was awarded a New Zealand Fellowship to study pathological anatomy in the United States.
    • The clinical and key pathologic features of the cases we studied are summarized in the Table.
    • They therefore act as indicators of any recent pathological state or acute illness.
    • The pathological mechanisms of disease progression are unclear but oxidant stress may play a role.
    • The thing that separates boys and girls in academic ability is nothing to do with gender, or hormones, or anything physical, pathological, histological, or hormonal.
    • Animal models are widely used in the study of pathologic processes of periodontitis.
    • Whether these pathologic changes are associated with abnormal pulmonary function or gas exchange abnormalities awaits further study.
    • More detailed prospective clinical and pathologic studies may assist in clarifying the etiology and pathogenesis of these disorders.
    • Epidemiological, clinical and pathological data from all patients treated in our institute have been recorded on a computerized database since 1996.
    • In the present study, clinical diagnoses substantially agreed with pathologic diagnoses.
    • Until now, there has been no pathologic study of symptomatic infants: the youngest patients biopsied previously had been 3 years old.
    • Clinical and pathologic data for the 84 patients studied are shown in Table 1.
    • The patient continued to develop further skeletal metastases with pathological fractures and finally died ten months after the initial presentation.
    • Careful inspection of the bones revealed distinct pathologic abnormalities.
    • The identified infants were included in the study when placental pathologic and cranial ultrasonographic data were available for review.
    • In past studies, significant pathologic findings were not found in 3 to 82 percent of such patients.
    • All the cases included demonstrated clinical and pathologic evidence of ischemia after chart review.
    • Evidence of pathological change in the COPD diaphragm is continuing to mount.
    • Chronic wounds may result from pathologic disease processes.
    • Haemorrhoids result from the pathological changes in prolapsed anal cushions.
    • Forensic pathologists see the natural pathologic progression of many untreated diseases.
    • Elevated intracranial pressure is present in many pathologic states, including meningitis, intracranial hemorrhage, and tumors.
    • Studies looking at pathological or brain imaging data would be needed to address these possibilities.
    • The etiology remains unclear, and the association with cardiac pathological changes is uncertain.
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    (fear/hatred/liar/gambling) patológico
    • Problem gambling and pathological gambling are well-defined psychiatric conditions.
    • ‘I do not understand your pathological obsession about mysteries,’ Chase mumbled as he followed after his dark-haired cousin.
    • The same schedule is in all gambling devices and it creates the pathological gambler.
    • Another limitation is that it focused on people with relatively minor gambling problems - only four of the participants were classified as pathological gamblers.
    • Of course, America's critics regard the country's obsession with sovereignty and self-government as anachronistic and pathological.
    • Because treatment tends to be individually focused, most family members of pathological gamblers never receive the care they need.
    • To understand causes of compulsive gambling or pathological gambling, it is useful to explore causes of impulse control disorders.
    • I think I've indulged in a pathological, chronic nostalgia over the years, which I've traced back to my childhood.
    • To check out all the other results and confirm that my pathological lying ‘issue’ is all in the past, click here and see for yourself.
    • As indicated in the literature, probable pathological gamblers in adolescence are at risk of becoming adult pathological gamblers, especially when they participate in a variety of gambling activities.
    • But, most people with a pathological obsession with ‘race’ are not in asylums, so we must address them as a component of our everyday lives.
    • The essential problem with compulsive gamblers, however, is their blindness to this pathological desire to lose.
    • It was an obsession bordering on the pathological.
    • However, in the U.S., such decisions have increasingly become pathological obsessions, as men become more and more subject to unattainable body ideals.
    • A minority will continue to become pathological gamblers.
    • Psychologists and social workers define pathological gamblers as those whose gambling is persistent and out of control.
    • Probable pathological gamblers have a score greater than 4, and were included in the present study as problem gamblers.
    • We found that our three probable pathological gamblers usually gambled with family and close friends.
    • I think that's one of the reasons that the home run derby has become such a pathological obsession over the last couple of seasons.
    • A score of five or more categorizes the participant as a ‘probable pathological gambler’, three or four as a ‘problem gambler’.