Traducción de pathway en Español:


camino, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɑːθweɪ//ˈpæθˌweɪ/


  • 1

    camino masculino
    sendero masculino
    • What about the deep ruts left in the pathways by mountain bikers riding on rainy days?
    • Like the other known sections of the aqueduct system, it is covered with stone slabs, which would have served as a pathway for foot passengers.
    • There are narrow pathways or greenstone walkways for hikers.
    • You can meander through the flowers and shrubs, walking on stone pathways and alleés that keep the gardens separated.
    • They walked up the path and discovered a strange pathway covered by moss.
    • Post these signs near roadways and pedestrian pathways on or near college campuses.
    • The floor of the tunnel was made of solitary stones, which were put together to serve as a pathway to someplace.
    • The city has approved a new pathway and bikeway policy plan that aims to help make the system more user-friendly.
    • Although we're so close to the city, our suburb is like a little village with rows of small shops, paved pathways and a relaxed atmosphere.
    • She stepped off of the porch, walking down the pathway and to the sidewalk.
    • Alexia stared at him as he started to walk down her pathway to the sidewalk.
    • Any child riding these in a public place including roads, pathways and alleyways is breaking the law.
    • The path we were on went down and up, over pathways and under walkways.
    • Many bus stops, pathways and pedestrian crossings appear to have been cleared by hand by public-spirited individuals.
    • We have already found traces of old pathways and garden buildings, a well and a stone water trough.
    • The police say both the pedestrian-activated signals and elevated pathways are being tried out on an experimental basis.
    • She suggested that the Corporation could reconstruct the pedestrian pathways using white granite stones.
    • I got out of the car and took out my keys as I walked up the pathway to my house.
    • This meant that it no longer served as our pathway through the forest, and we needs must walk slowly, zigzagging through the birches and alders.
    • The dark, wooded pathways and the broad avenues of Williamson Park serve as the highways and by-ways of their journey to Canterbury.