Traducción de patrilineal en Español:


por línea paterna, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌpætrəˈlɪniəl//ˌpatrɪˈlɪnɪəl/



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    por línea paterna
    • Whether a departed angel or a current harpy, however, she must give place to the assertion of patriarchal hierarchies, patrilineal descent, and male-dominated marriage.
    • Polygyny is prevalent and even in groups without traditional patrilineal descent, Islam has strengthened male control of women.
    • The patrilineal descent principle is important, and the lineage is very often localized within a geographic neighborhood in which it constitutes a majority.
    • Most Ugandan cultures are patrilineal, so people tend to identify more with their father's tribe.
    • In this patrilineal society, property is a male birthright.
    • Some of the people follow matrilineal descent rules, while others follow patrilineal rules.
    • They think of these groups as patrilineal descent groups, although they are in fact quite flexible in membership criteria.
    • Descent is reckoned bilaterally, with a patrilineal bias.
    • Many of Indonesia's ethnic groups have strong kinship groupings based upon patrilineal, matrilineal, or bilateral descent.
    • He also examines how attempts to insist on patrilineal descent for Fijian voting rights exclude many people who lead Fijian lives through maternal ties.
    • Both matrilineal and patrilineal descent groups exist in Mozambique.
    • Although the patrilineal descendants of the six forgot their ancestral language they retained a nostalgic remembrance of their old place.
    • Because women marry into a patrilineal descent system, the children belong to the father.
    • Why the change occurred is not 100% clear, but is likely a result of the traumas of exile, when many Jewish women were raped, and a patrilineal descent rule would have been a disaster.
    • South of the Zambezi River, tribes follow a patrilineal descent; to the north, kin ties are established through the mother's line.
    • All of the indigenous groups are patrilineal and have ideologies of male dominance.
    • On the other hand, other modes of alliance also remained important, and relationships between patrilineal kin could be antagonistic as well as friendly.
    • The tribal land-owning corporations are themselves patrilineal descent groups or lineages whose members acquire rights by virtue of being the sons and daughters of a particular man.
    • In a patrilineal society, having many male offspring was a big concern and a much-invoked wish.
    • Many others throughout the kingdom assert patrilineal descent from eponymous ancestors from ancient Arab tribes.