Traducción de patriotism en Español:


patriotismo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpeɪtriəˌtɪzəm//ˈpeɪtrɪətɪz(ə)m/


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    patriotismo masculino
    • Why would they ask us to prove our patriotism and support for the United States?
    • What I like about the film is that it is just about war, not about the nationalism or patriotism associated with it.
    • To set against this there were many examples of patriotism and patriotic fervour in the town at this time.
    • There's a lot of patriotism here, and a lot of it is new patriotism, uncertain patriotism.
    • In all cases, nationalism and patriotism proved powerful cement for bonding the state with society.
    • Is patriotism and nationalism even relevant anymore, or is this another form of tribalism?
    • In times of war, the distinction between patriotism and nationalism vanishes.
    • In the face of this lack of true patriotism and support, of what use is money?
    • I suppose I have seen so many people behave stupidly because of some notion of nationalism or patriotism that it just annoys me.
    • If I ruled the world, nationalism and patriotism would be abolished.
    • It's a bizarre concept that intertwines issues of patriotism and sporting chauvinism.
    • The patriotism characteristic of Americans is visible everywhere.
    • In the midst of such simple-minded patriotism, the quality of the acting seems pretty immaterial.
    • Some let religions guide them, others seek worth for their lives in patriotism and nationalism.
    • Politicians of all persuasions are calling for national unity and patriotism.
    • The veteran did not forget to slip in a message or two about such things as character development and patriotism.
    • She might have added Spenser's Britomart, whose name indicates both her patriotism and her warlike character.
    • Into this steaming pot are thrown various statements about religion, culture, nationhood and patriotism.
    • This would be a problem, because there are a lot of issues concerning patriotism and notions of nation.
    • I don't see it as a motivation tool, national pride or patriotism.