Traducción de patron en Español:


patrocinador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpeɪtrən//ˈpeɪtr(ə)n/


  • 1

    patrocinador masculino
    patrocinadora femenino
    a patron of the arts un mecenas
    • He also thanked the press and all their patrons and sponsors, without whose financial support, the show would not go on.
    • The club is deeply grateful for the ongoing support of its patrons.
    • The patrons chose whom to support and greatly influenced the products of that support.
    • We would like to thank all our patrons for supporting us.
    • Thanks to all the loyal patrons who have supported fund-raising ventures over the years.
    • This would not have been possible without the continued support of all our patrons.
    • Support from patrons and parents would be greatly appreciated.
    • Happy New Year to all our patrons and supporters.
    • What kinds of promotion do performance arts patrons appreciate most?
    • The committee thanks their patrons for their support.
    • What is needed is a patron who understands and supports the substance of the projects and the one-time opportunity they represent.
    • Many thanks is extended to the loyal patrons who support the committee every week.
    • Sincere thanks to the organising committee, patrons and friends who gave prizes.
    • These achievements should be shared with our sponsors, patrons and supporters.
    • The committee would like to thank their patrons without whose support the cost of publishing the annual magazine would be prohibitive.
    • The organisers are deeply grateful for the support of patrons over the past months.
    • It was a solemn farewell to a great patron of the arts and a doughty supporter of Scottish causes.
    • But the festival enjoys great support from some 20 local organisations, friends, patrons and the district council.
    • The club deeply appreciates the ongoing support of its patrons and the community.
    • Sincere thanks to the patrons who so generously supported the draw.
  • 2formal

    cliente masculino
    clienta femenino
    • Are the fellow employees or regular patrons off limits to me?
    • Someone called the local press, and the dining patrons emptied from the restaurant to watch the rescue attempt.
    • Of course, restaurant patrons could go elsewhere, though they should not have to.
    • Half of the restaurant's patrons are also hotel guests, while the remainder come off the street.
    • Police forced restaurant patrons to leave immediately.
    • They do not enter into the dinner conversations of restaurant patrons.
    • Their dinner was marked by loud hysterics, which earned them more than one unfriendly stare from the older patrons of the restaurant.
    • Isn't it embarrassing to be in a restaurant where a patron is yelling at the waiter?
    • The waiting area has a fully licensed bar with a drinks lounge for up to 20 patrons and a restaurant area for 16.
    • Most of his customers are regular patrons, many of whom are foreigners.
    • However, such an explanation does not account for the evidence that there were few patrons in the shop.
    • The restaurant seats 155 patrons and employs a staff of 18 chefs.
    • He teams up with retail shops that refer patrons to the parties and he brings in winemakers to conduct the tastings.
    • These customers will most likely turn into regular patrons.
    • He noticed the curious stares of the regular patrons of the inn.
    • He glanced around the room and took notice of the other patrons in the shop.
    • Taking a discreet glance around, he saw the few other patrons of the restaurant heartily consuming their own lunch, so he tried to follow suit.
    • The aim was to make the area more attractive to business and more welcoming to regular patrons and visitors.
    • She returned the embrace gratefully, not caring about any of the other restaurant patrons.
    • Postal patrons also must complete customs forms and declarations pertaining to the contents of parcels being mailed.
  • 3

    (patron saint)
    patrono masculino
    patrona femenino