Traducción de pattern book en Español:

pattern book

muestrario, n.


  • 1

    (of wallpaper, fabrics)
    muestrario masculino
    • You would get a man up from London, choose a design from a selection of pattern books, probably Italian, and then he would paint your room.
    • The pattern can be found in Rowan's Big Wool pattern book (both pictures taken directly from Rowan).
    • The pattern books are full of vest options and they are not hard to fit, since most of us wear them loose and unbuttoned anyway.
    • I went to Michael's in hope of finding a knitting pattern book for a hat I liked.
    • Students could copy embroidery designs from a pattern book supplied by their teacher.
    • For a basic start-up kit, you'll need a pair of needles, a beginner's pattern book and at least three balls of wool, whether they be soft mohair or your basic Beehive Shetland chunky.
    • The library has recently acquired a weaver's pattern book printed in the seventeenth century.
    • More than 200 fabric pattern books are to be sold at £5 each in aid of York Against Cancer.
    • It would replicate any antique fixture a client desired, working from photographs, drawings, or pattern books.
    • References to designs in linen weavers' pattern books, dyers' books, and merchants' account or daybooks dating between 1750 and 1850 are also welcome.
    • Matthias Lock is credited with introducing the rococo style to English furniture in the pattern books he published beginning in 1740.
    • You can spend days thumbing through a pattern book estimating wallpaper materials.
    • She opened the pattern book on the counter and it continued.
    • To illustrate the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement, the curator chose a pattern book of velvet samples published by Morris and Company in 1890.
    • Anyway, I really recommend that you pay a visit to this beautiful store if you're in Southern California, they have really nice things and lots of pattern books.
    • Two English pattern books published in 1826 demonstrate the absorption of Empire values into the working repertoire of the Regency style.
    • Start by looking through pattern books, magazines and even department or chain stores to come up with design and sewing ideas.
    • Its intricacy and playfulness were disseminated through the many eighteenth-century pattern books to many classes of society.
    • She made life much easier for designers by studying period costumes in intricate detail, researching how they were put together thread by thread, and then turning her findings into a step-by-step pattern book.
    • Fowler's pattern books are excellent and useful.
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    (of dress designs)
    revista de patrones femenino
    revista de moldes femenino Cono Sur
    figurín masculino