Traducción de paucity en Español:


escasez, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɔsədi//ˈpɔːsɪti/



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    escasez femenino
    penuria femenino
    • The man has an amazing amount of energy which covers for the paucity of his material.
    • I wondered what was more depressing, the paucity of his vocabulary or the absence of musical taste.
    • To those outside the subculture it may appear as if there is a paucity of other alternatives.
    • There is also a paucity of texts and supporting popular science literature available in Urdu.
    • Recently the city has been widely criticised for the paucity of its 60th anniversary plans.
    • The paucity of these qualities in the present Republic would stagger them.
    • There is no scheme in all these projects to solve the paucity of clean, safe drinking water.
    • Will the present paucity of lackadaisical dreamers affect our future cultural heritage?
    • Instead the search engines are simply reporting the paucity of information on the internet about these people.
    • He bemoans the shortage of trained music teachers and a paucity of school music lessons.
    • The paucity of water and the consequent thefts are beginning to weaken the social fabric in the countryside.
    • The response is governed by the paucity of credible alternatives.
    • There's still a paucity of fresh produce in the shops, very little more than a few tired cabbages and exhausted apples to be found.
    • There is at present a paucity of evaluations of disease management programmes.
    • Sorry for the paucity of posts over the past few days but I'm in a state of upheaval known as ‘job change’.
    • Much of this product is now powerloom woven, due to a paucity of labour.
    • Let me start with an apology for the paucity of blogging lately.
    • I also would like to apologise for the paucity of posts over the past few days.
    • The paucity of humility shown by the Government in the face of such antipathy is stomach-churning.
    • In ordinary circumstances the paucity of players might have been expected.