Traducción de pause en Español:


pausa, n.

Pronunciación /pɔz//pɔːz/


  • 1

    (gap, interval)
    pausa femenino
    without pause sin interrupción
    • there was a pause in the conversation hubo una pausa / se hizo un silencio en la conversación
    • there will now be a pause for light refreshments ahora haremos una pausa para tomar un refrigerio
    • It's a text without spacing, a speech without pause for breath.
    • They often required careful, unnatural speech, with pauses after every word, and their transcription error rate was unacceptably high.
    • From time to time, he stopped and, after a brief pause, continued his barbed tirade against the desecrators of the Sabbath.
    • After a brief pause, he said ‘Sorry, mate, but there's a dress code.’
    • This is a really bad way of dividing up the available airwaves because it means that the spaces and pauses in speech get the same priority as the words.
    • I heard the shower stop, a brief pause, then the whirr of an electric toothbrush started up.
    • Without pause, he grabbed the tree branch and pulled himself up into the hollow of the tree.
    • He also used speech pauses effectively to drive home his messages.
    • I could not understand why a performance with no scenery changes should require anything but the briefest of pauses between items.
    • At first, you could see that the wrestlers were playing along with the crowd, deliberately leaving pauses during their speeches.
    • Without pause, he rode towards them and ordered them to take down a section of fence.
    • Cues pertaining to verbal qualities included such features as pitch of voice, details of story, pauses in speech, and laughing.
    • After a brief pause, Felix returns to the phone and the line starts ringing.
    • She stopped pacing, her pause leaving her gazing out the window.
    • There will be a brief pause while I gather my outrage.
    • And there is a pause in your speech, but I can tell you would still like to say more.
    • I keep seeing clips of him addressing audiences a few years ago and he didn't have the awkward pauses in his speech.
    • The tension in the group was evident through the pregnant pause in speech.
    • After a brief pause, it stopped momentarily on another tree.
    • After a brief pause for judging, it will continue on to the community centre where refreshments for all participants will be served.
  • 2

    pausa femenino
    • In the 5th Symphony he dispenses with the pause before the finale.
    • Top it off with arrhythmic choruses drenched in vocoder effects and music pauses, and you have the blueprint for the entire album.
    • There are a few pauses in the Allegro moderato and the final movement is quite thrilling in its peroration.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (in speech) hacer una pausa
    (in movement) detenerse
    to pause for breath parar para recobrar el aliento
    • I pause, waiting to see if he's still with me, if he has understood.
    • The guy pauses a moment, then grants that this proposition seems doubtful.
    • She continued her speech after pausing to look me up and down with disgust.
    • I pause, watching as he extracts a beer bottle from inside the fridge.
    • I pause, watching as she gazes forlornly out the window.
    • They discovered that men are almost twice a likely as women to pause or hesitate when talking.
    • She winked at him and left the living room, pausing briefly to readjust the shawl one more time.
    • He pauses to watch a truck pass through a gate, then continues, almost conspiratorially.
    • He took a step closer to her, pausing briefly to see if she would move away.
    • They wandered about a little while, pausing briefly to pull on their boots.
    • At midday, buses will pull to the side of the road, black cabs will stop and people will pause in their daily routine.
    • Her dark blue eyes made him pause a second longer.
    • Walking down his driveway, he pauses briefly to wave goodbye to the couple.
    • He headed straight for his kettle and teapot, not even pausing as he pulled off his hat and mask and tossed them on the couch.
    • She pulled the wrapping paper from the gift, pausing only briefly at the nondescript box.
    • Outside his headquarters I paused to rest for a moment on one of the benches.
    • The guy paused in his speech, mentally marking the place he was up to and pondered the question for a moment.
    • Amy and Carrie paused their aimless conversation to look at me, incredulously.
    • They moved like this for a long time, pausing every so often to monitor their surroundings.
    • He might pause at the office briefly before leaving for the day.