Traducción de pave en Español:


pavimentar, v.

Pronunciación /peɪv//peɪv/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (with concrete) pavimentar
    (with flagstones) enlosar
    (with stones) empedrar
    (with stones) adoquinar
    (with bricks) enladrillar
    • The course of the race contains many steep hills, often paved with cobblestones.
    • The roads were paved with the finest stone, probably having come straight from the mountain.
    • The street in front of her was paved in glossy grey stones, curving up into a bridge that spanned the width of a river.
    • They next set foot upon the road and found it newly paved, within the last two weeks.
    • Well, I came to America because I heard the streets were paved with gold.
    • Once of the first things I did was pave the front with concrete.
    • Driveways and curbs were the only paved areas on this cul-de-sac.
    • Ordering their destruction would be similar to telling a county council to turf over newly paved road shoulders.
    • The circuit became a motorsport venue soon after and was paved with bricks.
    • The route is about 900 metres long and is paved with brick and cobblestone.
    • They'd paved parish driveways in Costa Rica and repaired clinic roofs in Jamaica.
    • A new fountain and a patio paved with Lodi gravel replaced a decrepit pond.
    • A freshly paved runway ran East-West, with cavernous hangars and recently built barracks organized neatly along either side.
    • They thought our streets were paved with gold, said one of their lawyers.
    • Just before him was a narrow street paved with small black stones.
    • He ushered her into a little shop on a narrow side street paved with cobblestones.
    • I opened the door and stepped onto a newly paved road.
    • The pathways are paved with flagstones or crushed stones.
    • The pathway leading up to the horrible castle is paved with stones of an extraordinary color.
    • The one-mile track was first paved with limestone and concrete in 1954.