Traducción de pavilion en Español:


pabellón, n.

Pronunciación /pəˈvɪljən//pəˈvɪljən/


  • 1

    (at trade fair)
    pabellón masculino
    • The pavilion and the materials exhibited within are so simple that one cannot identify the country's characteristics.
    • But, with a month to go and many of the temporary stands, pavilions and marquees needed to accommodate the 60,000 visitors a day still to be erected, is he at all nervous?
    • Other ideas could, with luck, be tried out on temporary exhibition pavilions.
    • But close up, the building is clearly much more substantial and tectonically satisfying than any temporary exhibition pavilion.
    • Some 25 football fields would be needed to lay out all the pavilions and exhibition booths.
    • Richly decorated, grand pavilions and tents stand at the ready.
    • Rejected by the Universal Exposition of 1867, he set up a separate exhibition in a private pavilion, next to Courbet's.
    • The company was one of 16 Irish companies that exhibited at the Irish pavilion at Telecom World in Geneva last week.
    • It now includes 22 national pavilions with 840 exhibits from 38 countries.
    • Aston Martins and Bentleys are on display in the auto pavilion just a stone's throw from the latest John Deere models.
    • Is it sufficient, as the submission suggests, to provide for conversion as a temporary pavilion or exhibition space?
    • In 1967, he hosted the British pavilion at the World Exhibition in Montreal, Expo '67.
    • It represents Queen Victoria and family surrounded by imperial dignitaries gathered inside the pavilion of the Great Exhibition.
    • It has been exhibited in museum and gallery venues around the world, and the exhibitors in the pavilion are looking forward to exposing attendees to the genre.
    • Mr Brennan said some facilities which ‘starred’ last year when temporary pavilions were in place, such as the lawn canopies, would remain.
  • 2

    pabellón masculino
    • The 1939 fair had pavilions from nations across the globe; there are two countries represented in the cards: Sudan and the Vatican.
    • Then came the German pavilions at world fairs - in New York, in Chicago, in Buenos Aires, in Helsinki.
    • In 1900 he received a commission by the Austrian government to decorate the Austrian pavilion for the World Fair in Paris of 1900.
    • Ma'am, you'd hardly believe that I was once the owner of a great pavilion tent that was the attraction of the fair.
    • Few visitors to the Russian pavilions at world's fairs, however, appreciated the serious nature the Russian revival held for Russians.
    • The fair featured a pavilion decorated in the style of Hatshepsut's mortuary temple.
  • 3Britanico

    caseta femenino
    • The cricket pavilion at Bradford and Bingley, severely damaged by fire last April, is to be rebuilt.
    • Participants in both activities will be able to buy refreshments at the pavilion.
    • The area is known as a hangout for youngsters and over the years the club has been burgled and the cricket pavilion and allotment sheds nearby have been torched.
    • The Escrick Park Estate has also created disabled access from the village through the wood to the cricket pavilion.
    • But after they were damaged a more permanent memorial was placed over the door of the cricket pavilion.
    • There were one or two venues where inspections were scheduled once the rain stopped, only for drizzle to return and keep the umpires in the pavilion.
    • The result looks something like a cricket pavilion, complete with clock.
    • Well, I'd say that a cigarette behind the cricket pavilion would be much better.
    • A west Wiltshire town council is hoping to find new users for its cricket pavilion after the loss of a school as a paying tenant.
    • A popular cricket club is set for a face-lift after it raised £250,000 to build a new pavilion at its ground.
    • As a moth to a flame, the graffiti offenders appear to be drawn to the building used as a cricket pavilion, close by the entrance to the Tattenham Way Recreation Ground.
    • No doubt, if those watching a match on television can see it, the match referee in the pavilion is also seeing it on his monitor.
    • The vandalism to a cricket pavilion in Lake Meadows and the Noak Bridge Community Hall has caused misery to residents, according to community leaders.
    • A cricket pavilion has been officially opened, 14 months after the old one was destroyed by arsonists.
    • A groundsman miraculously walked away unscathed from a cricket pavilion that was turned to rubble when a boiler exploded.
    • ‘We now have to replace two large windows in the cricket pavilion which will cost hundreds of pounds,’ he said.