Traducción de pay as you earn en Español:

pay as you earn


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    (in UK)
    • The extension is for people with simple tax affairs, who do not have any more than £2,000 tax to pay under self assessment, and are normally taxed through the pay as you earn code.
    • In this way, they will help to boost Government revenue through taxes such as pay as you earn arising from increased number of people getting jobs.
    • Since April 6 last, pay as you earn income tax has been deducted from employees under the new tax credit system.
    • The end of September is also a key date if you are a pay-as-you-earn taxpayer who owes the Revenue less than £2,000.
    • It's all a bit weird now, though, as I'm not in the pay-as-you-earn system for the first time in years.