Traducción de pay dirt en Español:

pay dirt

filón, n.



  • 1

    filón masculino
    we hit pay dirt when we opened up that store el día que abrimos la tienda dimos con un filón / con una mina de oro
    • She had hit pay dirt, and she wouldn't let go without a fight.
    • The question, then, is whether the energy sector will continue to hit pay dirt or whether it will start pumping mud.
    • After two months of networking, they hit pay dirt.
    • Some projects will hit pay dirt, maturing into truly company-changing events.
    • Flash forward to the present day as we meet a rusty group of salvage experts who think they've hit pay dirt.
    • So I did some poking around, and instantly hit pay dirt.
    • Then, on their second to last day in Madagascar, in a park called Ranomafana, they hit pay dirt.
    • With everyday reports of Indian entrepreneurs striking pay dirt in the US, the focus on India and its economy has increased over the years.
    • Not only had they hit pay dirt, they returned ‘the gold’ within the primary phase or first 90-days of their journey.
    • He hit pop culture pay dirt when he wrote a slim novel based on his experiences.
    • By album number three he began to hit pay dirt, both commercially and artistically.
    • I get in at the earliest stage, so the multiples, if I really hit pay dirt on one, could be huge.
    • But if you're willing to spread your money among a diversified portfolio of new issues from a cross-section of industries, you just might hit pay dirt.
    • We've monitored quite a few lines in the last week, and early yesterday morning we hit pay dirt.
    • In fact he had hit pay dirt as he was performing his joke to one of the country's top comedy managers.
    • Scientists hit pay dirt on Mars as a small probe detects large amounts of what could be ice just below the surface.
    • I have always made a habit of retaining the last few frames of film for the unexpected - it has never come to much all these years, but one fine day, I hit pay dirt.
    • Retailers are hitting pay dirt in the young-girl segment of the market.
    • Back in the deserted capital, power brokers were trying to assess who hit pay dirt and who fell short in a city tied up in partisan knots.
    • This time I hit pay dirt, and while the pages unscrolled on my screen a cold chill ran down my spine.