Traducción de pay TV en Español:

pay TV

televisión de pago, n.

(pay television)


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    televisión de pago femenino
    • However pay television's artificial limit of one television set per household reinstated the living room as a family space.
    • A group of electricity companies will next month release a report on why it's a good idea for them to get into telecommunications and pay television.
    • BBC channel share is significantly higher in Freeview homes than in pay TV homes.
    • Indeed, the premier on BBC1 pulled in more than 10 million viewers, which in the age of multitudes of pay TV channels is a huge number.
    • The biggest changes have been in personal communication - the internet, the mobile phone and pay TV.
    • This is where the commercial networks and pay TV can't agree.
    • An oft-quoted maxim in the technology and communications sector was that 40% of UK homes would never subscribe to pay TV.
    • People who wanted pay television had options with more channels, and they largely went for them.
    • Under the management of the French government, it added advertising agencies, bus-tour companies, and pay television to its portfolio.
    • The idea is to boost knowledge and generate material for the National Geographic Magazine and pay television channel.
    • However, with the limitations of one outlet per household in Australian pay TV, the lounge room has again become the focus of family television viewing in some Australian homes.
    • It's hard to deny that stealing pay TV, like selling a pirated CD, is a form of theft.
    • As it stands the rules apply to pay TV licencees and not channel providers, such as Premier Media and Fox Sports.
    • Stay away from cable and professional financial services, but look favourably on radio, pay TV, directories and professional publishing.
    • Aside from advertising clients plus their families and friends, they're all watching the action on pay TV!
    • It is true that the current policy was devised for an older media landscape, before pay television, the Internet and digital broadcasting.
    • It stands to reason there's not much point advertising for pay TV subscribers on your own channel.
    • There could be a shift from programmes financed through advertising, to programmes funded through pay television, which allowed ‘conditional access’ to viewers.
    • And the rugby league match was the most watched program on pay television last week, with an estimated 600,000 viewers.
    • In his opinion, what's more relevant is the size of the market in Australia and whether we can reasonably expect a highly competitive pay television environment.