Traducción de payback period en Español:

payback period

plazo de recuperación, n.


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    (de la inversión) plazo de recuperación masculino
    • Annual savings run to about $160,000 for a payback period of a little more than four years.
    • He believes the payback period would be 10 to 20 years.
    • An estimate of the installed cost, annual energy savings and projected payback period will have to be determined.
    • After the payback period is identified through financial analysis, this and other data can be used to determine the terms of a contract.
    • ‘The usual payback period for a national newspaper would be five to seven years,’ he says.
    • The after-tax payback period is projected at almost two years.
    • While the payback period of 80 years may seem long, conversion to solar power has been said by some to add as much as 1% to the value of your home.
    • Some applications, such as high-temperature steam lines, can have a payback period of months, not years.
    • Getting any train operator on board for such investment would require a payback period possible in only a very long franchise.
    • The payback period for investments in alternative energy sources is long.
    • The rent increase on enclosure gave a constant surplus each period, so the reciprocal of the payback period was the rate-of-return on the initial capital.
    • At current electric rates, these systems would have a simple payback period of 10 to 20 years in most areas.
    • The government's original proposals put the capital payback period at 20-25 years; I believe it has now risen to 47 years.
    • The project's underground parking may significantly lengthen the project's payback period, she added.
    • It costs a fraction of a normal car space and the payback period can be as little as two years if you rent or lease the extra space.
    • After the payback period has ended, the building owner reaps the savings from reduced water and energy costs.
    • For example, an energy-efficient dryer that costs $500 and saves $100 per year in energy costs has a simple payback period of 5 years.
    • Higher gasoline prices will shorten that payback period.
    • The analyst first investigated the payback period, which was defined as the length of time required to recover the cost of an investment.
    • The payback period for this extra cost will be at least 25 years.