Traducción de paymaster en Español:


pagador, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpeɪˌmæstər//ˈpeɪmɑːstə/


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    pagador masculino
    pagadora femenino
    the government is the major paymaster for this research el gobierno provee la mayor parte de los fondos para esta investigación
    • the paymasters of these criminals were well-known industrialists estos delincuentes estaban a sueldo de conocidos industriales
    • One doesn't expect Iraq's new colonial administrators to make things difficult for their paymasters, guarantors and securitors.
    • The rest were suited and booted, meeting the corporate paymasters and generally celebrating.
    • Nigerians are obliged to obey their paymasters.
    • His annual pay cheque, from his many paymasters, thought to be in excess of €750,000, reflects this diverse range of talents.
    • If you can't kill the messenger, you might as well go after the paymaster.
    • Today, fealty to corporate paymasters is the driving force.
    • Owners would have the option of making the payment in the traditional way by sending a letter to the paymaster.
    • The survey allegedly takes only four minutes to complete, and it provides people like my corporate paymasters with invaluable information.
    • In any event, the Irish Rugby Football Union paymasters have taken a conscious decision to facilitate and develop Irish-based players as much as possible.
    • Horror stories have been cited of unfortunate junior doctors being forced to work entire weekends on their own with no sleep or food by slave-driver health board paymasters.
    • Responsible behaviour, in the view of many hospital administrators, is that which does not upset the paymasters.
    • These are the people who get their hands dirty on policy details, and can deliver the goodies to the corporate paymasters.
    • The point is that the paymasters intend to reward bloggers who configure web applications in a way that favours the commercial client.
    • The public, the ultimate paymasters, have seen what Edinburgh can achieve and expect them to add league status to last season's cup exploits.
    • Now I am not inviting any trade unions to become our paymasters.
    • Private security guards will be accountable to commercially driven paymasters.
    • Their paymasters there are clearly totally out of tune with the UK public on these issues.
    • Rectors and directors of education will face up neither to these parents nor their political paymasters.
    • I am being paid to write these words, but my paymasters would prefer a conclusion I am not likely to come to.
    • It has been said that the bulk of Mozart's sacred music - he composed nearly 20 Masses alone - was written mostly to please paymasters.