Traducción de paywall en Español:


muro de paga, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpeɪwɔl//ˈpeɪwɔːl/


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    muro de paga masculino
    (herramienta utilizada por ciertos sitios en Internet para cobrar por los contenidos que allí se ofrecen) paywall masculino
    • The Wall Street Journal did a story today - behind the pay wall - about Hollywood squeezing above-the-title movie actors in light of the current economic system.
    • The paywall is one kind of black curtain: this is a more deadly one.
    • Assuming this rate holds, you can turn 1,000,000 daily visitors into 50 paying visitors with a paywall.
    • The New York Times has finally killed its paywall.
    • Then, sometimes, after some time of free availability the content may be moved back behind the paywall into some kind of archive.
    • Actually, you're right… their site also uses breakable URLs and puts everything behind a pay wall.
    • Being a former medical professional I can tell you locking up research info behind paywalls is a heinous crime!
    • I'm not saying whether they should or shouldn't use paywalls or anything like that.
    • Techdirt puts up a paywall, and up and coming copyright blogs can now fly under its wings, by stealing that paywall content!
    • And don't think some smart media execs and entrepreneurs aren't salivating over the opportunity of some major publications to go behind the paywall.
    • Solutions bandied about include digital subscriptions (a la Wall Street Journal and Financial Times), pay walls and micropayments.
    • But it will only be temporary: the thing about a paywall is that you want people to keep paying.
    • Why did they take down the pay wall?
    • Please, please, please, please, please DO put all of your incestuous pro-state propaganda masquerading as news behind a paywall.
    • Recap is not the first to liberate these documents from behind the paywall.
    • It could have done what you say while still keeping some print columnists and the archives behind a paywall.
    • The irony here though is that Techdirt, having preached against such paywalls, goes and sets one up itself!
    • Implementing a newspaper paywall is a comparatively straightforward task.
    • The full story is behind a paywall.
    • Unfortunately, the articles are all behind paywalls.