Traducción de peaceful en Español:


pacífico, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈpisfəl//ˈpiːsfʊl//ˈpiːsf(ə)l/


  • 1

    (calm, quiet)
    (animal) pacífico
    (place/spot) tranquilo
    a peaceful Sunday afternoon una tranquila tarde de domingo
    • the patient spent a peaceful night el paciente pasó una buena noche / pasó la noche tranquilo
    • the city is peaceful again vuelve a reinar la paz en la ciudad
    • I have finally found some peaceful, stress free time to actually do some worship.
    • It's so quiet and peaceful it is hard to believe there's a hectic Indian city on the other side of the walls.
    • Sitting there and throwing out a line, you can enjoy a peaceful day without being disturbed.
    • So, if someone asked you to visualise somewhere peaceful and relaxing, where would you take yourself?
    • This tranquil and peaceful haven is home to some of the largest and rarest trees and shrubs in England.
    • Listening to a flowing creek may be just the thing for relaxing on a peaceful afternoon.
    • The cave remains a peaceful and secluded place, surrounded by pine forest.
    • Election officials reported that balloting was peaceful and largely free of problems.
    • It did help me sleep, and also left me feeling rather peaceful and pleasant as I drifted off.
    • The only way in was by boat, making the countryside all the more peaceful and tranquil.
    • Free speech and open discussion are crucial components of a free and peaceful society.
    • There is great value in the splendid isolation of a quiet walk along a peaceful river.
    • Melody was shocked to hear such a crashing sound in a place so quiet and peaceful.
    • The couple have created a peaceful, restful place, with a wide range of colourful flowers.
    • The peaceful and tranquil room will be used by students in the school who are taking part in the programme.
    • It was not as peaceful and relaxing as we were led to believe it would be.
    • We were lucky to secure a seafront apartment and our row of apartments had a peaceful and relaxing ambience.
    • A central patio with a lush garden and a small pond creates a peaceful mood in the midst of a busy city.
    • A peaceful, relaxing environment, free of interruptions and disturbances, is best.
    • It was calm, peaceful and relaxing but Natalie felt the total opposite.
  • 2

    (picketing/protest) pacífico
    (picketing/protest) no violento
    peaceful coexistence la coexistencia / convivencia pacífica
    • the peaceful use of nuclear power el uso de la energía nuclear para fines pacíficos
    • they are a peaceful nation/people son una nación/un pueblo amante de la paz
    • Unitarians believe there should be peaceful co-existence between nations as well as between people.
    • He said his party is against all sort of violence and demands the peaceful resolution to the issue.
    • Also, I think people did respond to police violence against peaceful protests.
    • We demonstrated against the broadcast and our demonstrations were peaceful.
    • The demonstration was peaceful and there was minimal disruption to traffic.
    • He has vowed to end the conflict by peaceful or military means.
    • However, it is also our responsibility to argue for prevention of violence and peaceful resolution of conflict.
    • If you are going to a peaceful demonstration, why do you need to prepare legal strategies for arrests?
    • The voting process was peaceful, and people eventually accepted the results.
    • In short, it rules out anything that would disturb peaceful trade among individuals.
    • She still has powerful words of wisdom about the need to find peaceful means to resolve conflict.
    • The only stable government is one that allows for a peaceful and orderly transfer of power.
    • I think we'll actually see some peaceful resolution in a very short term.
    • Everywhere, struggles over the land, whether peaceful or violent, shaped political attitudes.
    • Yet there was clear evidence that the demonstrations were good-natured and peaceful.
    • Militant anarchists intent on violence broke away from peaceful demonstrators and left a trail of destruction.
    • We urge all the campaigners, young and old, to stay calm and keep their demonstrations peaceful and responsible.
    • There have been a number of examples of peaceful conflict resolution in places that have been hot spots for decades.
    • Under such circumstances, a peaceful reunification of Europe would never have taken place.
    • We have to address our differences not through violent means but with dialogue and peaceful debate.