Traducción de peacefully en Español:


plácidamente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈpisfəli//ˈpiːsfʊli/


  • 1

    (serenely, quietly)
    (sleep) plácidamente
    he died peacefully murió sin sufrir
    • she sat peacefully reading in the garden estaba leyendo tranquilamente sentada en el jardín
    • The tiny twin baby girls sleeping peacefully side by side are little miracles.
    • I used to go to the studio in the morning and come back at night and sleep peacefully.
    • For the first time since her mother's death, Erin felt peacefully calm and content.
    • In her arms was a newborn baby girl, peacefully sleeping, wrapped in a light pink towel.
    • Unlike Chinese people who wait for death peacefully, Westerners will fight it to their last breath.
    • As she entered the living room, she saw him, for the first time in many months, sleeping peacefully on the floor.
    • The villagers slept peacefully, never imagining the fate that was to be.
    • She slept so silently and peacefully he almost regretted being there.
    • With little disturbance, she is spending her time peacefully.
    • I sat straight up in bed, and saw Dustin sleeping peacefully next to me.
    • She immediately looked over at Caleb who was still sleeping peacefully.
    • The girl seeks protection from a nurse or grandmother while the baby sleeps peacefully in its mother's arms.
    • She had been playing peacefully in her room, oblivious to the violence that had occurred only a few rooms over.
    • There is a photograph of a pretty young woman, obviously pregnant, sleeping peacefully on a hospital bed.
    • Jess was still peacefully sleeping on the back seats.
    • For at least 40,000 years, they gathered shellfish and peacefully slept under the stars.
    • The duke walked over to the cradle and looked down to see his daughter sleeping peacefully.
    • Late that night we pulled into a cheap motel, cashed an unemployment check, and fell peacefully to sleep.
    • How do we talk peacefully with people with whom we might violently disagree?
    • I was sleeping peacefully for once in my 18 years of life, a shock to me still.
  • 2

    (without violence, aggression)
    (protest/picket) pacíficamente
    (protest/picket) de forma no violenta
    • A police siege of his house ended peacefully with his surrender to authorities.
    • Officers had previously believed that negotiations were proving effective, raising hopes the siege could be resolved peacefully.
    • That role may diminish or even disappear if change is not forthcoming - and it may do so violently rather than peacefully.
    • It is tyrannical because, while it asserts a global monopoly of violence, we cannot peacefully remove and replace it.
    • The siege ended peacefully five days later when riot police moved in.