Traducción de peak en español:


cima, n.

Pronunciación: /pik//piːk/


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    (of mountain) cima femenino formal literario
    (of mountain) cumbre femenino formal literario
    (of mountain) cúspide femenino formal literario
    (mountain) pico masculino
    (of roof) arista femenino
    (of cap) visera femenino
    (on graph) pico masculino
    beat the eggwhites until they stand in stiff peaks batir las claras a punto de nieve
    • It could be the top of a tower, or a mountain peak, or a cliff.
    • How it ended up on the peak of a snowy mountain (located over a crocodile lake and through a blue tunnel) is a question we'll have to save for another day.
    • Recently, my wife and I experienced the snowy white peaks of Maine's mountains illuminated by pink dawns and golden sunsets.
    • Mountain peaks surround the lake and protect it.
    • The county has some of the most mountainous terrain in the state, including Virginia's highest mountain peaks, which made transportation difficult.
    • We named our phenomenal prominence Igloo since the peak of it was shaped like an ice dome.
    • Figure 2a shows a comparison of the ratios of the two peaks of luminescence obtained from full datasets for two separate experiments.
    • The average likelihood shows a bell-shaped curve with the peak at the QTL position.
    • Make an early start and allow ample time if you want to see the best reflections in Lake Matheson of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman, impressive peaks in the Southern Alps.
    • The inset shows the second differential curves calculated from peaks 7 and 8 of the quinone spectra.
    • The forest below and the sky above clashed on the horizon with jagged peaks of mountains.
    • Beat the egg whites to stiff peaks, then fold through gently.
    • The canyons between the peaks seemed bottomless and forbidding, and the mountain range stretched on for unseen miles in both directions.
    • For example, some oil production curves have multiple peaks.
    • The next step is to chop the copies into different lengths, and these, when graphed, give the peaks that are the profile of the bacteria in that soil.
    • A ponytail of strawberry blond hair hung casually below the reversed peak of her baseball cap.
    • What happens in all these cases is that a small number of CDs or whatever sell in enormous quantities, forming a peak on the graph.
    • The peaks above them rose high, much higher than any mountain had before.
    • It winds up through rolling hills with stands of poplar trees, distant views of lakes and snowy mountain peaks strung along the horizon.
    • From the summits of the peaks, you can even glimpse Mount Whitney on a clear day.
    • Five other peaks in the range have long been opened for international mountaineering.
    • Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form and fold into batter.
    • He had a case too, and his was shaped like a pyramid with a rounded peak.
    • I along with many other men occasionally wear a hat with a peak to protect my eyes from the sun's rays.
    • The weather in southwestern Germany, with its mountain peaks and rolling hills, can turn nasty in a hurry.
    • As expected, loop regions show more motion than helical regions, which is reflected in the larger deviations from the starting point as indicated by peaks in the graph.
    • Beat four of the egg whites to stiff peaks with the salt.
    • The moorland is screened by the peaks of mountains.
    • At the exact moment she touched the tallest peak of the mountain, the birds all rose into the air.
    • Tamely scooting up and down for hours on end is a poor substitute for triple loops and double back flips while still holding on to the peak of your baseball cap with one hand.
    • The shapes of the peaks are broader and less asymmetric.
    • Where the White Mountains come to an end is the great peak of Mount Mindolluin.
    • The highlands of this park are forested with the peak of Mount Meru rising above the forests to dominate the area.
    • When high hardness is the ultimate need, the material must be treated in such a way that the peak of the curve is reached.
    • It is cone shaped with a depression scooped out of its peak.
    • The paint, like whipped egg-whites, can hold peaks, and dry in the same shape in which it is applied.
    • White clouds cling to lofty mountain peaks, which rise vertically from out of glacial basins, stretching all the way back to the Southern Alps.
    • The sweet spot is defined by two lines near the peak of the curve.
    • Beat the egg whites until they stand in soft peaks.
    • He noticed Hunter and Brandon heading up a slight incline to the peak of a small mound, and chased after them.
    • Whip the egg whites to stiff peaks and fold gently into the batter with a spatula.
    • In addition there was a fellow in a brown bowler hat, another in a shapeless cloth cap with a peak, and both added their encouragements, turning to Waistcoat in a laconic collusion.
    • Running down each side of the valley are mountain peaks dotted with dormant volcanoes.
    • Far off in the horizon, the peaks of various mountains were visible.
    • The views to the East and South are dominated with blue skies and the snow covered peaks of Mount Adams and Mount Hood.
    • Behind him the skyline was still dominated by the White Mountains, their snowy peaks glistening in the afternoon sun.
    • The peaks in the graph represent changes in power due to pairwise LD between the two neutral markers.
    • When the data is returned to Earth, the measurements are displayed in graphs as peaks, with the most abundant mineral boasting the tallest peak.
    • Eventually, however, the peak of the curve is reached, and further increases in stress cause a decline in performance.
    • Also evident and of concern is the fact that the peak of the graph occurs at 5 SED.
    • Whisk the egg whites until they make soft peaks then fold into the chocolate mixture.
    • The highest peak is Mount Apo in Mindanao at 9,689 feet.
    • Beyond the farmhouse and its protective line of trees, lie rising foothills and distant mountain peaks.
    • The Transylvanian Alps in the central region contain the highest peak, Mount Moldoveanu.
    • My hand sort of began to creep up to the peak of the hat - I felt a salute coming on.
    • Before I quite realized what was happening, one rose up in an oddly shaped peak and slapped me on the side of the head.
    • The visitor is mesmerized by its sunny beaches, snowy mountain peaks, endless plains where black bulls graze, shimmering lakes and mountain streams.
    • On a steep site facing south-east overlooking the peaks of the Vardousia range across the valley, it is arranged as a little three-storey tower.
    • It is taken as the point at which the curve exhibits a peak or maintains a continuous displacement increase with no further increase in pull.
    • This essentially gives them sensitivity curves with very broad peaks, so their visual systems are nearly spectrally neutral.
    • Its world wonders range from Andean peaks to Amazonian wilderness; from the endless horizons of the pampas to the awesome glaciers of Patagonia.
    • Apart from the cliffs and headwalls at the peak, the mountain requires a lot of straight skiing to maintain speed.
    • Trim to a triangular shape, leaving the peak as high as possible.
    • Its shape has characteristic peaks and troughs.
    • If you look closely, the peaks resemble a sleeping chief.
    • Kitted out in his team-issue polo shirt, the peak of his baseball cap shading his outdoor complexion, short sleeves revealing the power in his forearms still.
    • The over 100 volcanic peaks in the range, some over 3,000 metres in elevation, include more than a dozen which are considered active.
    • In a separate bowl, whisk egg whites to soft peaks and fold into the mixture.
    • A peak in the graph is expected to be centered around a site containing a balanced polymorphism.
    • The sky is turquoise, though clouds are bunching up against the peaks of the Absaroka Range in the Washakie Wilderness, where we are headed.
    • It can be noted that the curve shows close peaks on chromosomes 1, 2, 3, and 6.
    • And the giant mountains with their snowy peaks and endless trees remind me of you.
    • Many sets of phones have a response curve featuring peaks and valleys with high amplitude but low bandwidth.
    • Beyond these cities stood the snowy peaks of this spectacular mountain range.
    • Whip cream into soft peaks and fold in egg white mixture.
    • The position and shape of the peaks did not change with increasing time of incubation.
    • However, cell cycle length was unaffected by this treatment, notwithstanding the presence of a small peak in the curve at 14 h.
    • The height of these characteristic peaks indicates the quantity of each element present.
    • Every tree seems to me to be shaped as a peak uniquely designed for the very spot it stands in.
    • Finally the flood waters fell and mountain peaks emerged.
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    (highest point)
    the epidemic reached a peak in June la epidemia tuvo su punto crítico en el mes de junio
    • production is now getting back to its pre-recession peak la producción está volviendo a los niveles máximos de antes de la recesión
    • at the peak of her career en el apogeo / la cúspide de su carrera


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    (level/power) máximo
    to be in peak condition (in top form) estar en plena forma
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    during peak times durante las horas de mayor demanda (/ consumo etc. )
    • peak advertising slots espacio publicitario en las horas de máxima audiencia
    • peak viewing figures cifras de máxima audiencia
    • the peak hour for traffic las horas punta
    • peak rate tarifa máxima
    • peak season temporada alta

verbo intransitivo

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    (price/production/demand) alcanzar su nivel más alto
    (demand/price/production) alcanzar su punto máximo
    (career) alcanzar su apogeo
    (athlete) alcanzar su mejor momento