Traducción de peanut butter en Español:

peanut butter

mantequilla de maní, n.


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    mantequilla de maní femenino
    mantequilla de cacahuete femenino España
    mantequilla de cacahuate femenino México
    manteca de maní femenino Río de la Plata
    • Ross stood behind the counter, rapidly spreading peanut butter onto a piece of bread.
    • I grabbed some peanut butter and spread it on my toast just as my mother walked in the door.
    • Others eat them with a slab of cheese on top or slathered with peanut butter or cream cheese.
    • He stood at the counter spreading peanut butter on a slice of bread when he felt a tug on his t-shirt.
    • Another thing I'll do is cut up an apple or a banana and put peanut butter on it.
    • Stewart passed the bacon and Dan spread peanut butter on the toast and put the bacon on top of the toast.
    • I also knew a kid whose little brother ate peanut butter, ham and mayonnaise sandwiches.
    • Instead I had to settle for a piece of bread with some peanut butter and a glass of water.
    • Rocky gave her a weak smile as he spread peanut butter on four slices of white bread.
    • These apparently consisted of whole baguettes stuffed one foot high with bacon, peanut butter and strawberry jam.
    • We had run out of peanut butter, milk, bread and dog food - all pretty much essential in our house.
    • I'd bring by little pieces of bread with peanut butter on them and see if you can become buddies with them.
    • An apple with a small helping of peanut butter or even plain popcorn with no butter or salt may fill you up.
    • Because peanuts are packed with energy it's best not to overindulge in peanut butter unless you're trying to put on weight.
    • Greg came out of the kitchen to greet him, eating a rice cake with peanut butter.
    • Beat together peanut butter, honey, sugar and butter until light and fluffy.
    • I stared around the marble counter and saw a loaf of bread and some peanut butter.
    • I'll whip up some celery and peanut butter, with a tuna sandwich and soup for an entrée.
    • The second meal is a quarter loaf of brown bread with peanut butter and margarine.
    • I tell my clients that foods such as cheese, peanut butter and meat are great to eat at this time.