There are 2 main translations of pearl in Español

: pearl1pearl2


perla, n.

Pronunciación /pərl//pəːl/


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    • 1.1

      perla femenino
      (earrings/necklace) (before noun) de perlas
      a string of pearls (de varias vueltas entrelazadas) un collar de perlas
      • The center jewel was a white pearl, large and round.
      • Next was another necklace - no, a choker - which was made of orange jewels and white pearls.
      • She had changed from her khaki uniform to a more casual blue slacks, white pullover sweater and blue shoes, pearl earrings and a pearl necklace.
      • The dress had a pair of arm-length gloves, a pearl necklace and earrings, and a pair of glass high-heel dress shoes.
      • Dawson brought from his jacket pocket the ring that Edric had spent months saving for, white gold with a pearl in the center that would match her wedding dress splendidly.
      • He pulled out magnificent earrings with glistening pearls and emeralds dripping from them and then a glass cup with painted mermaids on it.
      • In fact, the only piece of jewelry that she wore was a pearl necklace, matching pearl earrings, and a gold wedding ring encasing a ruby.
      • It's a pair of pearl and diamond earrings and an 18 carat gold bangle.
      • Some of the antique jewellery was studded with emeralds, ruby, zircons and pearls.
      • She wore a pearl charm bracelet on her wrist and bounded down the stairs.
      • It's all about defending the shiny bejeweled palace on the hill and guarding the precious pearls and birthstones hidden within.
      • He could see the potential for lobster farming and later in Australia would experiment with the aquaculture of oysters, pearls, and pearl shells.
      • She wore a crisp business suit, which was shown off by a pearl necklace and matching earrings.
      • I always called the white flowers diamonds or pearls.
      • Her matching pearl earrings and necklace elegantly decorated her.
      • Within it, there are gems, rubies, pearls and flawless diamonds.
      • She even had on a pearl necklace and earrings to match.
      • Unconsciously, her hands worked to take off her small pearl earrings as she entered her room and closed the door behind her.
      • The hem was trimmed with white beads, and pearls and rubies framed the neck.
      • A simple rhinestone or pearl necklace and earring set will enhance the look of your maids.

    • 1.2mother-of-pearl

      nácar masculino
      madreperla femenino
      concha nácar femenino México
      concha de perla femenino Chile
      (brooch/buttons) (before noun) de nácar
      (brooch/buttons) (before noun) de madreperla
      (buttons/brooch) (before noun) de concha nácar México
      (buttons/brooch) (before noun) de concha de perla Chile
      (lipstick/nail varnish) nacarado
      (lipstick/nail varnish) perlado
      • Its hues were of white, pearl, and alabaster, and it shone with pristine care and impeccable architecture.
      • Call it what you will - lily white, creamy white, porcelain or pearl - I am still ghostly pale.
      • Fashion critics adore her dresses in hand-dyed shades of pearl, frost, teal, grey and chocolate, worn over silk slip dresses.
      • Variations of green, pale and gentle, or a shimmer of apricot or pearl can perfectly set a great reading mood for pages with heavy content.
      • There are five color options: nighthawk black pearl, opal beige, redrock pearl, satin silver metallic and silverstone metallic.

    • 1.3(thing of value, beauty)

      joya femenino
      Hawaii, pearl of the Pacific Hawai, la perla del Pacífico
      • He is acknowledged as a man who is selfless in giving advice to those who are eager to listen to his pearls of wisdom on racing and breeding.
      • Those who attended his classes at the University of California in the mid-1960s were lucky enough to pick up a few pearls of wisdom, and we do have some revealing interviews and articles.
      • What pearls of wisdom can I impart as a result of yet another year's experience?
      • But with his well-documented habit of pausing for 30 seconds or so while considering the question, you do begin to wonder if he revels in cultivating an air of expectancy for his pearls of wisdom.
      • Still, there were pearls of wisdom buried amid the dogma.
      • What philosophical pearl did he leave for history?
      • And to be honest, after 4 years of publishing my pearls of wisdom on a near-daily basis, I still don't really know.
      • On a training workshop last year I picked up one of those little pearls of wisdom that stay with you for years.
      • The pearls of wisdom may, however, be lost at times in the factual information, and a few more diagrams would have helped.
      • Berrie insists she has too much still to learn herself, without presuming to pass on pearls of wisdom to others.
      • The history of cinema is littered with priceless pearls of wisdom delivered by eccentric movie producers.
      • But wait: in an act of ablution worthy of the papacy, the writer throws us this pearl.
      • It is one of those scientific pearls of wisdom that tend to be quoted after several pints - a duck's quack does not produce an echo, and no-one knows why.
      • They are little pearls of wisdom - often handed down to us from our parents and grandparents.
      • The looks that I get in return for my pearls of wisdom are invariably of the blank variety.
      • School children tag along beside us, as we examine architectural jewels, eager to soak up our guide's pearls of wisdom.
      • I had hoped to receive pearls of wisdom on how to distinguish between ‘benign’ and serious headaches; what I learnt was that basically you can't.
      • He can't resist imparting his pearls of wisdom.
      • But I turn them down, knowing that I must reserve my pearls of wisdom for you - my appreciative readers.
      • Keri's pearls of wisdom are always a welcome delight.

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There are 2 main translations of pearl in Español

: pearl1pearl2


Pronunciación /pərl//pəːl/

verbo transitivo y intransitivo