Traducción de pedal en Español:


pedal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛdl//ˈpɛd(ə)l/


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    pedal masculino
    brake/accelerator pedal pedal del freno/acelerador
    • sustaining pedal pedal derecho / fuerte / de intensidad
    • When she played Satie on her own, I noticed she used the sustaining pedal sparingly.
    • Some of the tonal increases, however require better use of the sustaining pedal.
    • Technically, Miss Stein's economy of commas may be compared with a complete renunciation of the pedal in playing the piano.
    • He could sustain long, singing legato lines without becoming dependent on the pedal.
    • She also is unafraid to be generous with the pedal, yet clarity isn't sacrificed.
    • The basic notes of his music are very few and usually surrounded by a haze of the overtones created by the damper pedal of the piano.
    • I took this opportunity, not only to answer her question and remind her of the proper name for the damper pedal, but also to explore the piano and how it worked.
    • Frequently the pedal of the piano is held down for many minutes.
    • Bobby battled through a concert even though gout prevented him from working the piano's pedals.
    • We may not reach sight reading at all during his lesson because he needs so much help using the damper pedal correctly during one of his repertoire pieces.
    • During performance, most students will need to stand while depressing the damper pedal to access the interior of the piano.
    • In this period the piano was beginning to replace the harpsichord and clavichord in popularity, and allowed for new experimental sonorities and the use of the sustaining pedal.
    • Today I asked your child to depress the right pedal, to stop the action of the dampers so that the strings could vibrate freely.
    • Part of Gould's achievement is that his refusal to use the sustaining pedal puts the guts back into Bach.
    • Arrange your feet on the soft and sustaining pedals in readiness to carry out instructions - always clearly marked in the score.
    • The pedal plays a large role in creating a musical perception of legato, and for small-handed pianists, it is indispensable.
    • The recordings capture the sound of his fingers on the keys, the depression of the pedals, and the click of the microphone as it turns off.
    • The big sounds of Brahms go out in smudges, the pedals drowning them in an effort to be loud and large.
    • I took the speaker and sat it on the sustain pedal of a grand piano so the strings were all open.
    • He uses rubato more liberally, and also the sustaining pedal.

verbo intransitivopedalled, pedalling, pedaled, pedaling

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    (cyclist) pedalear
    • The man just nodded, climbed on his bicycle and pedaled away.
    • As I pedaled along, slowly to enjoy the morning, I noticed a park bench whose legs were submerged in the dark lake waters.
    • When the girls came pedalling along in the Bordeaux race - all legs and flowing hair - they were a sensation.
    • I straddled my bicycle and pedaled off to Emily's farm.
    • The six-day bike trip saw Chris pedalling 120 miles-per-day.
    • You can see cyclists pedalling along, chatting away happily.
    • In the last few weeks, two groups of long-distance bicycle trekkers have pedaled through town, and another is making plans to depart soon.
    • I took a last slug of the water in my bottle, hopped back on the bike, and pedalled merrily home.
    • Not really accustomed to winter biking, I gingerly pedalled down an alley on the packed snow, and unexpectedly gathered speed.
    • That afternoon, as we pedalled around the blue lake (so called for the clarity of its waters), Leonard voiced some concern about the wedding.
    • I doggedly pedaled along but I was so not enjoying this little excursion.
    • As we pedalled along we talked about anything and everything.
    • He pedals to the barbershop, to his doctor appointments, to visit his friends and go out to lunch.
    • She was pedalling straight into a heavy wind, and it was tough going.
    • She was back on her bicycle pedaling all around town.
    • Two girls on bikes with baskets pedalled along the towpath.
    • On a borrowed a bicycle, he pedals over hills and along dirt roads, encountering impenetrable characters and glimpses of his own nature.
    • The girl told the inquest: ‘Sam turned his bike round and started pedalling off.’
    • On what was the hottest day of our trip we pedalled along quite happily.
    • One of the reasons I like cycling is that you can get into long reveries while pedalling along.

verbo transitivopedalled, pedalling, pedaled, pedaling

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    (bicycle) darle a los pedales de
    • Chelsea pedaled her bike past Danny's house for the seventh time, and tried not to make it obvious that she was looking for him.
    • There were also the lovely old bikes, penny farthings and boneshakers being pedalled around.
    • Between piano lessons and shooting hoops, the boy pedaled his bike to the friend's house over several evenings to work on the site's content.
    • Because a rider has very little mechanical advantage if the bike is in 15th gear, the bike would be very hard to pedal, and it would take a while to get up to speed.
    • They allow those adults to pedal the trike around in the water.
    • John, the guy from Brooklyn who pedals his bike over every weekend, would teach my gangly boy how to assert himself under the boards.
    • By age 3, children delight in chasing and being chased, using playground equipment, pedaling a small tricycle, and trying new forms of locomotion such as galloping and trotting.
    • Anyway I was pedaling my bike down the street last weekend after softball practice, and a bug flew into my mouth.
    • One man stares at it dangerously while pedalling his bicycle along the road.
    • Begin moving your legs in a circular motion, as if pedaling a bicycle.
    • I'm now 26 years old yet I can still clearly hear the jokes of my brother, while he pedaled his bike towards our neighborhood
    • On Monday as I drove along the Esplanade, I noticed a blond girl following behind a two or three year old toddler pedalling a bike along the path.
    • It is very difficult to pedal a bicycle in long skirts and petticoats.
    • Earl stayed through college, pedaling his bike several miles to and from K-State and earning a degree in sociology and psychology.
    • I would pedal my bike up back roads to visit them, and they would teach me radio.
    • Many of the emails we received chronicled scandalous miscarriages of justice such as the chap clocked at 83 mph while pedalling a bicycle down the A12.
    • Crammed into sweltering buses and sleek subway cars, pedaling their rusty bikes, they swarm to work.
    • Warm and sunny, and I can still feel the radiating heat of the sun working on the muscles of my back as I pedalled my bicycle through the park, across the road from my house.
    • But we are also abandoning red meat, drinking bottled water, double-locking our doors at night and sending our kids out with a crash helmet when they're pedalling the trike around the lawn.
    • One delight, as long as it is not too early in the morning, is that everybody, from chambermaids to handymen, make their way around the property pedalling a bicycle and singing sweetly.