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pedal boat


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    • It's quite something, in this dry country, to see women in burkas riding pedal boats in Herat's municipal water-park, as well as a lunatic asylum and a drug rehabilitation clinic in a country not known for its social infrastructure.
    • All of the amenities are at hand, including tennis courts, squash, minigolf, windsurfing, pedal boats, kayaks, water-skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and fitness areas.
    • Catering to the increasing demand for pedal boats, rowing boats, etc., are entrepreneurs, who have put up boat-building docks alongside the backwaters.
    • In the long run, the park will provide some entertainment to its human visitors too as the Refineries plans to make available pedal boats.
    • Silt from the stream is grounding pedal boats.
    • His mode of transport was a pedal boat such as you might see on some recreational lake in the US.
    • One attraction were pedal boats, which ‘even children could handle’, said the organisers.
    • The department that operates ten pedal boats has no life-jackets.
    • In some cases pedal boats are fine and, anyway, there weren't any complaints.
    • Motor-driven launches, powerboats, pedal boats and rowboats are in great demand in the tourist spots of Veli-Akkulam.
    • The Corporation has procured two pedal boats, which will start operation soon.
    • As the pedal boat landed on shore, Louis and one of the men who was on the pedal boat carried Stephen off from the boat and laid him on the sand.
    • Earlier there used to be simple pedal boats for tourists, now a motorboat rips through the waters, streaking foam.
    • For the energetic, pedal boats, rowing boats, canoes and rafts, will be available for hire throughout the weekend.
    • The orphans enjoyed trips to the Aquadome, Fenit Sea-world, Blennerville Windmill, the pedal boats in Castlegregory and the bumpers in Ballybunion.
    • But the only person the crew encountered was a white-bearded, obstinate Elmore Hays, in a pedal boat, who rebuffed calls to leave.
    • Th resort has a wide, pebble-strewn beach; you can rent canoes, pedal boats, kayaks, and beach toys.