Traducción de pedestal en Español:


pedestal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛdɪst(ə)l//ˈpɛdəstl/


  • 1

    pedestal masculino
    to knock sb off her/his pedestal bajarle los humos a algn
    • before noun pedestal lamp lámpara de pie
    • The former world champion bull rider arrived in 1987 from the United States with the kind of reputation that placed him on a pedestal in a place like the Territory.
    • His various incarnations have accorded him iconic status, but his pedestal is not carved from stone.
    • There is much to be learned about a culture from those persons whom it places upon pedestals, whom it admires and emulates, whom it calls heroes.
    • I felt people were watching me and waiting for me to fall off that pedestal.
    • Young boys invariably put their fathers on a pedestal holding them in some superman-type awe.
    • Take what and who you adore and admire off their pedestals.
    • It's an anger that also directed at the nation's sanctimonious sportswriters, who are only too quick and too happy to turn on those players whose pedestals they've invested so much time constructing.
    • The ascension to that pedestal may never happen.
    • The one-time village girl from Uduwaka, a one-hour journey from Colombo, is determined to push the Lankans to the pedestal of glory.
    • I gave him all the credit for everything and so I had him on a pedestal.
    • ‘Of course, if you fail, and you have been put on that pedestal, it is a lot harder because you have further to fall,’ he said.
    • ‘Just hope I don't fall off that pedestal you've got me on,’ she muttered under her breath.
    • No one had the ability to knock him from that pedestal, least of all Todd.
    • While Moore did more than any of his contemporaries to inspire a new generation to turn to sculpture, Caro took the art form down from its pedestal and opened up the debate as to what it might or might not be.
    • Anyone have an idea of how to bring myself down from that pedestal?
    • Too often our African American heroes and heroines are placed on pedestals - far out of reach.
    • The contest is wide open since Manchester United got knocked off their pedestal by Arsenal last season.
    • I think that any writer who can attract readers should be honoured and put on a pedestal because we're rapidly becoming post-literate in the United States.
    • I never thought I was a daddy's girl, that I put my father on a pedestal, but it seems I have.
    • Only a revolutionary like Guru Nanak could raise a woman to a high pedestal, as early as the 15th century.