Traducción de peeve en Español:


fastidiar, v.

Pronunciación /piːv//piv/

verbo transitivo

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    darle rabia a
    it peeves her that I earn more money than she does le fastidia / le da rabia que yo gane más que ella
    • I sat down to watch it and was somewhat peeved to see that they hadn't included anything about the alternate ending.
    • She was peeved that I wasn't able, at a moment's notice, to take half an hour to help her dress.
    • However, I am slightly peeved at myself as I should've done some of these application forms on Monday.
    • U.S. and European drugs and pharmaceutical companies are reported to be peeved at this.
    • I'm just peeved the second half is so uninteresting compared to the first.
    • The insurance companies are particularly peeved at the absence of the risk management concept in the revised tariff.
    • I was peeved because I'd come back for my morning tea break and was waiting for a gap between showers to get out under a nice dry awning or archway.
    • This peeved me because I was few months older than him, though in those days you lied about your age.
    • I was peeved by her reaction, that she would be embarrassed, instead of being proud of me.
    • Let your friends know you are genuinely sorry and that you understand why they're peeved.
    • He wore a slightly peeved expression, a dissected newspaper strewn about his side of the table.
    • While I am seriously peeved over what happened, I can't help but feel sorry for people like him.
    • She's peeved, and you're left wondering if she's having a brain lapse or something.
    • Neil was peeved when I refused his request for a prescription for penicillin.
    • Actually I'm a sore loser and will only be peeved when I don't win.
    • I couldn't quite make out whether the doc was peeved because I was back again or genuinely surprised to see me again so soon.
    • They're peeved because a rich American businessman with no knowledge of football has taken over the club.
    • He was still peeved at Roger's actions, but would forgive him if everything turned out well in the end.
    • The Tories were rather peeved, and the Liberal Democrats not very impressed.
    • One such member was peeved at the way in which computer terminals were lying unused.


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    manía femenino
    • He then asked if any of the readers had any pet hates which they wanted to get off their chests, so he would air their peeves in the column too.
    • My peeve of the morning is people treating me like a moron and wasting my time.
    • My biggest peeve is when people pick on those they know (or think) are weaker than them.
    • Martin's peeve is poorly planned development.
    • If she saw the film without you, don't take it out on her by nit-picking over peeves you never even noticed before.
    • My peeve is with group blogs that put the writer's name at the end of items.
    • One peeve of mine is these so called reality shows.
    • Before you have a freak-out over her nail biting, be sure your peeve doesn't have deeper roots.
    • I'm just telling you to put your peeves in perspective - whether smaller or larger focus.
    • My biggest peeve with the book was a lack of examination of the band's songs.
    • Even if your peeve is petty, it can still be seriously irritating.
    • I so understand the grammar peeve - "irregardless" is my biggest weakness - but, um, lots of well-educated people use bad grammar.
    • Though I spend a fair amount of time in his company, I nurse a particular peeve against him.
    • This is more of a personal peeve, but I find it really annoying when characters in fight scenes yell during the final attack.
    • I have the audacity to believe all my peeves are rational, but will justify naming one of those because there's bound to be someone who thinks otherwise.
    • Having to go into a discussion about phonetics with nearly every person I meet is my major peeve.
    • I'll have to add one of my big peeves are folks who completely miss that part.
    • On the gaming critique front I figure it's best to put one of my biggest gaming peeves in the first edition.
    • If corruption is his peeve, then it is time to close in on the innumerable private colleges across the country that charge students much much more and provide them with worthless degrees at the end of it all.
    • Yolanda often reminded people that Kayleigh's biggest peeve was to be interrupted while working, and Kayleigh took her peeves seriously.