Traducción de pelican crossing en Español:

pelican crossing

paso de peatones, n.



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    (con semáforo) paso de peatones masculino
    • The older children are writing letters to the council to persuade them we need a pelican crossing.
    • It also includes hatched markings around the Cross to prevent any stopping there at all, and moving the pelican crossing nearest the Cross further down the street.
    • To prevent similar fatalities in the future there should be a pelican crossing.
    • Jackson managed to avoid them and continued towards the second pelican crossing, where a male pedestrian was halfway across.
    • Then there should be pavements constructed on both sides making it safe for pedestrians and I would not be averse to the building of a pelican crossing to protect those crossing the road.
    • It offers tools to get started and information across a broad spectrum of interests, from starting a campaign for a pelican crossing to resources on animal testing and ID cards.
    • I think a pelican crossing on a dual carriageway would be extremely dangerous and a bridge would encourage youths to throw things at cars.
    • They were going to the pelican crossing, but stepped off the kerb because they were frightened by a dog on the pavement.
    • Speakers urged the county council to provide pedestrians with a bridge, an underpass or a pelican crossing to prevent another death.
    • She was knocked down by a car on a pelican crossing as she tried to cross the road on a Sunday evening after a meal at a pub.
    • A pelican crossing is a signal controlled crossing operated by pedestrians.
    • A four-way pelican crossing is a possibility but it could cause problems with traffic backing-up during peak times.
    • A schoolboy was last night fighting for his life after a hit-and-run accident on a pelican crossing in Sheffield.
    • The elderly find it dangerous to cross the road at a pelican crossing or a zebra crossing because of speeding vehicles.
    • The two Newfoundland dogs are regular fixtures at the pelican crossing near the school where retired Hampshire policeman Tony works on weekdays - so much so that they are said to be part of the school.
    • We fetched up in front of the hotel after a final death defying manoeuvre involving three lanes of traffic, a pelican crossing and one or two expendable pedestrians.
    • He said evidence from a police officer who had pulled into a nearby garage suggested the youngster was not looking as she crossed the busy carriageway 70 ft away from a pelican crossing.
    • Residents believe a pelican crossing should replace a zebra crossing on that stretch of road.
    • A public meeting called for a pelican crossing at the spot but the speed limit was reduced from 40 mph to 30 mph instead.
    • A student who died when she was knocked down by a car on a York pelican crossing had dreamed of winning a Nobel Prize, her devastated sisters revealed today.