Traducción de pelvis en Español:


pelvis, n.

Pronunciación /ˈpɛlvəs//ˈpɛlvɪs/

nombrePlural pelvises

  • 1

    pelvis femenino
    • Maintain this relationship between your pelvis and spine throughout each exercise.
    • She says that the relationship of the pelvis to the spine and the limbs is fundamental to most contemporary dance techniques.
    • Laterally, anteriorly and posteriorly the pelvis is bony and significant support is provided through ligaments.
    • Key to skeletal balance, a sense of orientation and muscular coordination, the balanced pelvis forms a rim-like base for the spinal vertebrae, rib cage, shoulder girdle and head.
    • The remains include a complete tibia and shoulder blade, as well as parts of a femur, ribs, vertebrae, collarbone and pelvis, as well as an ankle bone.
    • About a million people in the UK have the illness, which leads to accelerated bone growth, particularly in the skull, pelvis, spine, thighs and shins.
    • In addition, the attachment between the pelvis and the vertebral column enlarged to provide additional strength in response to an increase in the amount of force generated by the hind limbs.
    • But they feel for the upper part of their pelvis, the bony part, and the lower part of the rib cage, and that's the space in which they're measuring.
    • It also puts the pelvis and spine into the neutral position and decreases stress on structures such as the intervertebral discs and nerve roots along the spine.
    • Nevertheless, it is unusual among vertebrates for the pelvis to play an active role in inspiration.
    • He lived only ten weeks after his diagnosis, the disease having already metastasized to his spine and bony pelvis, femur, skull, and tibia.
    • While in radiology, a computed tomographic scan-guided needle biopsy of a tumor nodule in the bony pelvis was conducted.
    • The research is based on a dinosaur pelvis that contains a single pair of shelled eggs inside the body cavity.
    • A computed tomographic scan showed several osteoblastic and osteolytic lesions in vertebral bodies and the pelvis, compatible with metastases.
    • This forms a joint with the pelvis (hip bone) on either side, called the sacroiliac joint.
    • The two pubic bones are the hub of a network of muscles, tendons and tissues at the base of the pelvis.
    • The bullet lodged near his pelvis and cannot be safely removed.
    • In the case of your son's groin strain, your osteopath would be checking your son's sacro-iliac joints, his lumbar spine and all the muscles that attach to his pelvis.
    • It had already metastasized to his spinal column and his bony pelvis, femurs, skull, and tibia.
    • Since the two iliac bones are bound strongly together at the centre front, the bony pelvis (sacrum and iliac bones) can only be tilted as a whole by movement at the hip joints and by bending the spine.