Traducción de pen pal en Español:

pen pal

amigo por correspondencia, n.



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    amigo por correspondencia masculino
    amiga por correspondencia femenino
    I have a pen pal in Japan me escribo / me carteo con un chico/una chica de Japón
    • But with the onset of puberty, having a pen pal was considered lame, and all of that stopped.
    • As their pen pal, my postcards and letters helped them with reading, writing, geography, and math.
    • She was also my pen pal when I was in fifth and sixth grade and had an assignment to write to someone famous.
    • Every inmate wanted a female pen pal, so they provided vital stats.
    • Without the pen pal project, the elementary school students might not have become acquainted with college students and a college campus, even though it was only a short distance from their homes.
    • These groups can perhaps locate a school where a pen pal system may be possible, creating ties to a distant school and showing the real faces of real children helped by their efforts.
    • I started writing a pen pal from Canada three years ago, and she's one of my great friends.
    • I went to my computer and noticed I had an email from my pen pal, Emma in England.
    • For example try starting a new club or finding a secret pen pal.
    • I also began corresponding at that time with an Israeli pen pal.
    • She was waiting for a letter from her pen pal in Australia and it was supposed to come any day now.
    • He found lots of junk mail, and one letter from his pen pal (email pal) George.
    • She then uses this and the knowledge that she gained from the biology module about nutrition to gauge the nutrition of the school lunch that her pen pal receives.
    • I can't tell you how long I was looking for one like it before a pen pal introduced me to it!
    • From an early age my pen pal lived in New Zealand.
    • I came away with a pierced ear and a tattoo artist as a pen pal.
    • And what I treasure out of all this is that I've got a pen pal.
    • I guess my parents thought I was writing to a pen pal.
    • It is also a good time to send a note and other items of need with the book, you could come away with a pen pal.
    • I could use a pen pal, and, you're right, it would break up the monotony of forwards and other useless emails.