Traducción de pencil sharpener en Español:

pencil sharpener

sacapuntas, n.


  • 1

    sacapuntas masculino
    tajalápiz masculino Colombia
    (larger) afilalápices masculino
    (larger) sacapuntas masculino
    • Scribbling a quick reply, I stood up to go to the pencil sharpener.
    • I flinched and immediately hunched over the old manual pencil sharpener and furiously cranked that handle like there was no tomorrow.
    • Beginning to become frustrated with the conversation she leaned down into her backpack and pulled out a silver pencil sharpener and tossed it to him.
    • There was no response except for what sounded like a backed-up pencil sharpener.
    • She also had two notebooks for writing in, a case of pencils, a pencil sharpener, and some erasers.
    • Laura, can I please borrow your pencil sharpener?
    • I've got one of those battery-operated pencil sharpeners.
    • Casey delighted in rifling through the pencil case to examine every stapler, every pencil sharpener and oddly shaped eraser.
    • There were also some small flat round objects that might have been either pencil sharpeners or key fobs, of the sort that eight-year-old girls buy in museum shops on school trips.
    • Can I bring a pencil sharpener on the plane, or is that also a dangerous weapon?
    • I will leave you to guess why one of our number has just gone to stare at a pencil sharpener.
    • Martin slapped both on the table and rushed off to buy pencil sharpeners and erasers.
    • Design tends to follow the leading technical products of its period; in an age of aviation, even pencil sharpeners are streamlined.
    • Apparently, on my final visit to him, I took fourteen pencil sharpeners and a penny I'd found on my way there.
    • You simply place your hand on a device that looks somewhat like an electric pencil sharpener, and it measures levels of carotenoids in your skin.
    • I went in, and saw the usual 2-hole pencil sharpener which meant 2 blades for $1 and I was about to get it, until I saw above it 6 pencil sharpeners for $1.50.
    • An eighth-grader is fiddling with a broken pencil sharpener.
    • Behind a gas station we find some personal articles: a money clip, a pencil sharpener, part of a pen.
    • A packet containing a desk set of hole punch, stapler, pencil sharpener and scissors bore a sticker saying ‘Touch Me’.
    • Some of the items, like erasers and pencil sharpeners, shaped and coloured like fruits and vegetables, were much in demand.